photo: Dining near the cooking station

Shopping at the local supermarkets is no longer a tedious or boring chore that we have to do weekly or regularly. Many working adults are increasingly dependent on the convenience of online grocery shopping due to their own tight schedules. After all, you do not need to be physically present to carry out familiar purchases online. However, what online shoppers miss most is the ability to feel, touch and visually examine the product or packaging.

photo: Pre-Cut Produce Station

With the launch of one of the biggest hypermarts – FairPrice Xtra – at Vivo City, Singapore, we might want to reconsider making purchases personally.

photo: The Meat Station

The supermarket has taken the pain out of home preparation by providing cutting, slicing and dicing services for fresh produce and meats. There is an additional option for shoppers to select their products and have their meals prepared and cooked on the spot while you wait and sip your favorite beverage or fruit juices on the dining tables located nearby. The supermarket allows you to personally tap your selection of beer to accompany your meals. For those who are interested to bring home their own bread spreads, the hypermart provides the opportunity to select your almonds to churn out almond butter.

photo: The Seafood Station