photo: Snow skin mooncakes (Photo: Makistock’s Shutterstock)

Once a year, we wait with bated breath for local bakeries and hotels to unveil their mooncake collection for the mid-autumn festival (which falls on September 13 this year). These little Chinese pastries with different types of fillings are often pricey. They are usually eaten in small wedges, washed down with hot tea. Mooncakes symbolize happiness and the joys associated with reunion. And each year, creations gets bolder, pushing the boundaries that defines a traditional mooncake.

For the adventurous, 155 Southbridge Café offers a Charcoal Baked Mixed Nuts with Chicken Bacon mooncake that is designed to expand your palate. Meat is not a standard ingredient for this traditionally sugar laden pastry. Shangri La offers possibly the only other savory chicken mooncake: The Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham baked mooncake.

For the really, really, adventurous, there is the Spicy Chicken Golden Custard Mooncake by KFC. It is savory, sugary, and spicy. This is a rare treat indeed for those who loves mooncakes and chili. Unfortunately, the Spicy Chicken Golden Custard Mooncake is currently only available in Hong Kong.