photo: Pet Friendly Ah B Café (Photo: Ah B Café’s Facebook page)

Dogs are often part of the family. Yet, most times we have to leave them at home when we head out for a meal or a drink.

However, the number of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants are on the rise as the number of pet owners continue to grow. Here are some interesting dog friendly eateries to consider when dining out with your pooch.

Five &2 Bistro
This restaurant serves a selected range of Asian and Continental fare on its menu and is known for its various drink concoctions inspired by native spices.

Rabbit Carrot Gun
A casual diner tuck away in a corner of the Katong district in Singapore. Serving classic British fare, this restaurant is known for its scotched eggs.

Sun Ray Café
Sun Ray is known for its specialty coffees and teas. Their coffee beans are roasted in-house and have won various awards for their coffee and tea blends. The café serves standard western fare. Best of all, your beloved pooch gets to pick its meal from its own Fur Kids Menu!

Ah B Café
The atmosphere in Ah B Café is as casual as its namesake. The environment is bright, airy, and clean. It is popular with families and serves both Japanese and Western cuisines for the whole family, including the fur kids.