photo: Hermy Smoked Beef Burger made from (BSF) (Source: Life Origin)

Malaysia plans to launch its first insect burger in 2020.  The gourmet burger made from the black soldier fly (BSF) larvae is the brainchild of BSF larvae producer, Life Origins. The company is working on insect protein to make it sustainable, requiring minimal land and water use.

The BSF is ideal because of its ability to break down organic matter.  Malaysia creates 3,000 tons of food waste daily, most of which ends up in a landfill. Less than 5 percent are recycled.

With the help of a food science student at Sunway University, Life Origins developed the burger patty that associates and matches with minced beef. The patties contain 30% BSF larvae, reinforcing the protein levels and adding beneficial amino and lauric acids that are not available in beef.  Life Origins is currently working on refining the recipe and plans to showcase the burger at pop-up events throughout the year – targeting the younger, eco-conscious consumer market.