A classic favorite in the elegant realm of Italian cuisine, pizza is one of the most experimented dishes ever. The simple and flexible recipe makes it so easy to modify and customize with a range of ingredients. Across Asia, pizza has turned into a fusion dish with iconic local ingredients and dishes like laksa, satay and rice paper. While we all love the classic pepperoni topping, these endless and delicious success of Asian style pizzas are enough to get one salivating.


Local Goodness in a Pan

Known for its diverse cuisine, Singapore restaurants have been on a hunt for the most unique and tastiest pizza toppings for quite a while. From laksa to satay, there is no stopping the richness of our local pizza. Pizza Hut came up with Laksalicious, a spicy and creamy laksa gravy with a gorgeous portion of sliced hard-boiled eggs, fresh succulent shrimp and clams. Also betting on the love for local pizza, Pezzo’s Satay Sedap is the perfect pan for meat lovers. Here, the soft pizza dough is topped with special ingredients like juicy marinated pieces of chicken satay, with a mildly spiced and crunchy peanut sauce poured over.


Crispiest Pizza Ever

Instead of a flour dough, the specialty of the Vietnamese Pizza, Bánh Tráng Nướng, is its base of rice paper loaded with a bunch of toppings. The rice paper is grilled and rotated constantly over charcoal for an even cook, which can be trickier than it looks. Next, an egg (quail or chicken) is cracked and beaten lightly on top to give a sturdier and tastier base. Originating from Dalat in Southern Vietnam, you can choose from seafood like fresh or dried shrimp, or meat like pork floss, chicken strips, along with vegetables to add to this crispy, spicy and savory snack. For that extra punch of flavor and spice, choose from a range of sauces like mayonnaise, chili, sriracha, and finish it off with cheese to get a creamy, gooey bite with a crunch.

Bánh Tráng Nướng grilled over charcoal (Source: Vietnam Famous Destinations)


A Baguette-full of Pizza

Taking pizza to the streets, this Cambodian-style pizza is a baguette-full of savory and sweet flavors. One of the most popular dishes at the Kampot night market, you’ll never miss it with the long queues at the stall. The freshly baked baguette is toasted with chili oil for a slight hint of spice and flattened for the perfect crunch. It is topped with strawberry jam, condensed milk, crispy and tender pork floss, spring onion sauce, and crab meat, and finished with a hot sauce. As each baguette pizza is made to order, you can customize with different toppings and spices to you’re your taste.

Cambodian-style Baguette Pizza topped with Corn, chopped Parsley and Chicken (Source: TOUS les JOURS)