Ordinarily, cabin dining has never been a people-pleaser. But with travel restrictions, there seems to be a new appreciation for the flying experience, complete with food service on the ground. This has spurred Singapore Airlines (SIA) to convert one of its grounded planes into a pop-up eatery.

For two weekends in October and November, the Restaurant A380@Changi presented travel-a-holics with the opportunity to dine onboard the A380 double-decker superjumbo, the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Mirroring the concept of real flights, ‘fares’ were split into four different cabin classes: top-flight suite, business class, premium economy, and economy.

Here’s what the exclusive dining experience offered to those who were fortunate enough to book their seats early!

Elevating cabin dining, SIA enlisted renowned chef, Shermay Lee to curate an exclusive menu featuring signature Peranakan and international dishes for all cabin classes. In the economy class, the meals started off with a Roasted Chicken Salad appetizer. Diners could choose from three mains: Ayam Tempra and Brinjal Sambal (braised chicken), Miso Kakuni (braised pork) and Pan-Fried Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce. And for dessert – a generous scoop of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

For business class dining, customers had a choice of two menus under ‘International Selections’ or ‘Shermay’s Selections.’ The starter for both was a serving of SIA’s signature Satay. For the International Selection, patrons dined on Flaked Smoked Salmon, followed by mains like Grilled Beef Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce, Pan-Seared Prawns with Scallops on Saffron Broth and Suzuki Saikyo Yaki (grilled miso Suzuki fish). The dessert offering was Baked Cheesecake with Sable Crust, a cheese platter and fruit. Chef Shermay’s Selection of Chicken, Prawn and Jellyfish Salad, and aromatic local favorites like Nonya Grandma’s Nasi Lemak were a big hit with the passengers. For a piece of nostalgia, the ice cream sandwiches were the treat of the day! Each meal also came with two complimentary alcoholic drinks, including beer, wine, and cocktails like the famous Singapore Sling or G&T.

Patrons were thrilled with the airline menu and service (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Nonya Grandma’s Nasi Lemak (Photo: Singapore Airlines)