Four renowned Filipino chefs showcased a series of twelve dishes featuring U.S. poultry, to the delight of fans on social media. The virtual culinary activity demonstrated creative ways to prepare healthy, local recipes using U.S. poultry as the main ingredient. Chefs Jackie Ang Po, Kalel Chan, Pixie Sevilla, and Sau Del Rosario prepared three dishes each incorporating U.S. turkey, chicken and duck. From local favorites like Asian Chicken Porridge to Pampanga Turkey White Bistek, Duck Leg Humba Kampampangan Style, Turkey and Tofu Hamburg Steak with Egg Yolk, Chicken Kikiam with Ginger Pineapple Sweet and Sour Sauce, fans appreciated the virtual experience. The culinary videos proved to be an effective way to connect with the food service sector, chefs, home cooks and consumers. More than 57,000 viewers tuned in to catch the series