Can you have fried food without feeling guilty? Well, this is what air fryers promise – delicious food with less fat. Despite being around for a decade, the trendy kitchen gadget has generated quite a buzz in recent months.  Heating up kitchens across the world, this kitchen tool promises that only a smidge of oil (or no oil at all!) is needed to recreate your favorite deep-fried guilty pleasures without compromising on flavor or texture.

Air frying involves the creation and circulation of hot air to quickly cook the surface layer of food and dry it out to mimic the fried, crunchy texture typically achieved through deep frying. In a comparison between deep frying and air frying chicken wings, test results showed that air-fried chicken wings had 38% less saturated fats, 55% less trans fats, and 25% less cholesterol than its deep-fried counterpart. Fast, easy, and convenient, air frying promises to recreate your favorite deep-fried foods without the underlying health concerns.

Juicy and Healthy

Maybe you have an air fryer but don’t know how to use it, or perhaps you’re thinking of buying one. Either way, there are many ways to cook your favorite foods! Air fryer chicken wings are a great snack option, and these are seasoned to perfection and cook so fast with no marinating required. Simply coat the chicken wings in oil, garlic salt, and lemon pepper, and ‘fry’ in your air fryer for 8 minutes each side, or for a total of 16 minutes. Once crisp and golden brown on the outside, it’s ready to eat!

These crispy and juicy chicken wings make a healthy snack option. (Photo: Natasha’s Kitchen)

Crispy and Crunchy

Feeling Peckish? how about making a sesame chicken dinner with the help of the air fryer with a serving of rice on the side? If you just can’t give up on Chimichangas (deep-fried tortilla filled with chicken, beef, or beans), you can cut down on the extra fat and calories by air frying. Top with  Greek yogurt, tomatoes, scallions, cheese, and lettuce and just enjoy!

With air fryers, Mexican Chimichangas remain just as crispy. (Photo: Project Meal Plan)

Sweets too!

If you’re craving for something sweet, look no further. Everyone loves a good fudgy brownie. Well, the air fryer version ‘bakes’ in half the time needed to make the traditional brownie. Follow any simple brownie batter recipe or use the boxed batter from your neighborhood supermarket to quickly ‘bake’ the dessert in your air fryer for 16-18 minutes. Leave to cool for 10 minutes, top each brownie with a scoop of ice cream, and serve.

Air “baked” brownies to satisfy your sweet tooth. (Photo: Delish)