Before wondering about the bizarreness of this combination, give us a moment to explain. There are some combinations that might sound as wrong as they taste, but then there are those that use entirely different ingredients and end up making the dish even more delicious. Chocolate and chicken are one of those combinations that fall into the latter category.

While the pairing may seem like a recent trend, the chocolate and chicken combination has been around for many years, most prominently in Mexican cuisine. Mexican Chicken Mole is a rich, decadent dish featuring tender, shredded chicken in the dark and spicy chocolate-infused Mole sauce.  Enjoyed by many, the dish melds fruits, nuts, chocolate, and spices to create an exquisite flavor profile. Many food brands have hopped onto the bandwagon before like ChoChicks at KFC Indonesia.  This spicy chocolate chicken was available for a limited time in 2017. The quirky pairing has sparked various iterations that have popped up across the globe, from Mint Chocolate Fried Chicken to Crunchy Fried Chocolate Wontons to Burger King Malaysia’s Chocolate Melt Crispy Chick’N Crisp – the possibilities for the combination are endless.

Mint chocolate is the up-and-coming trend in South Korea with food and products that aren’t usually seen to be matched with the flavors. One restaurant owner decided to take the road less travelled and debuted his Mint-Chocolate Fried Chicken. The chicken, generously spread with the mint-green chocolate sauce is not only mouth-watering but looks like something out of an extra-terrestrial movie.  Koreans are quick to vouch for the sweet and spicy pairing.

A unique combination of chicken and chocolate, the Mint-Chocolate Fried Chicken. (Photo: Middle Class SG)

Burger King Malaysia is rolling out a combination that evokes childhood memories.  The fast-food chain has launched a limited edition of their Chocolate Melt Crispy Chick’N Crisp. The sandwich comprises crispy chicken patties, topped with chocolate sauce and crispy onions, chicken bacon and American cheese, served in a toasted sesame seed bun. The Chocolate Melt series also includes Chocolate Melt Beefacon, a burger stacked with two flame-grilled beef patties drizzled in chocolate sauce.

Burger King Malaysia rolled out their limited edition Chocolate Melt Menu this month. (Photo: Hype Beast)

Wontons and chocolate? You bet!  These crunchy envelopes filled with chocolate-flavored chicken are delicate, light as air, and dusted with sweet Chinese five spices. Experimenting with the delicious sweet and spicy flavor profile, these Crunchy Fried Chocolate Wontons are a whole new way of enjoying the delicious thin wonton skins familiar in Chinese cuisine. When fried, the dough crisps into a crunchy but delicate shell that shatters as soon as you take your first bite, making this the perfect pouch for any filling you can think of.

Crunchy Fried Chocolate Wontons exude an explosion of sweet and spicy flavors. (Photo: Serious Eats)