Activities: 2019

Seminar in Vietnam Highlights Food Safety and Hygiene

USAPEEC held a two-day seminar at the Ninh Kieu Riverside Hotel in Can Tho to educate junior chefs, supermarket staff and related food service personnel on the critical aspects of food safety and hygiene. The 80 participants benefitted from the knowledge they gained from Executive Chef & Food Consultant, Norbert Ehrbar on the safe handling, utilization and versatility of U.S. poultry products (turkey, chicken, duck and eggs). Through the demonstration where he presented 5 turkey recipes,  Chef Norbert also showed the proper way of cutting a whole turkey into different parts and explained the different methods of cooking.  Mr Joe Chua, an experienced and qualified food safety expert from Singapore facilitated the food hygiene session where he presented a basic knowledge of micro-organisms, and covered topics ranging from food poisoning and foodborne infections, to food storage and handling, cleaning and sanitizing, personal hygiene and pest control.

Consumers Talk Turkey at Cooking Demonstration    

At the Singapore Civil Service Club, 42 homemakers and professional working women from the Katong Convent Alumni bonded over a cooking demonstration held November 12.   Chef Benson Tong carved out three new recipes to demonstrate the versatility of turkey meat in local cooking.  Participants were bowled over by the delicious infusion of Asian flavors in some of their favorites like U.S. Turkey Buah Keluak, Moutai Braised U.S. Turkey Leg & Wing, and U.S. Turkey Tikka Masala.  The event spurred a lively exchange of ideas amongst Chef Benson and the participants on recipe ideas and cooking techniques. Participants were impressed with the excellent taste, quality and nutrition content of turkey. Armed with new knowledge from the demonstration, many expressed their interest to experiment with their own recipes using U.S. turkey.