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This month, we take a look at several market perspectives in the individual ASEAN countries.


  • Philippines buyers show strong interest in U.S poultry during the WOFEX Show
  • Philippines chefs showcase their culinary skills at the Philippines Culinary Cup
  • Taste of U.S. foods at Hotel Equatorial, Ho Chi Minh City
  • All things eggs
  • Not just a seasonal dish
  • The uncommon and the rare



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Philippines buyers show strong interest in U.S. poultry in the WOFEX Show

USAPEEC Singapore participated in the World Food Expo (WOFEX) in Manila from August 5-8 2015. A wide range of food and beverage products including frozen meats, poultry, fruit & vegetables, juices, confectionery dairy products seafood products, baked goods, packaged groceries, snack foods and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages were featured in the show. International exhibitors from different geographic regions including the EU, Brazil, the United States, Australia and the ASEAN region participated in the four-day show.

During the show, thousands of trade visitors from the various food sectors, importers, retailers, wholesalers, processors, restaurateurs and hoteliers packed the aisles on the show floor. USAPEEC Singapore managed a 36 square meter pavilion which also included four local distributors of U.S. poultry products.

Taste testing of various poultry dishes were prepared by chefs from Hard Rock Café during the show. Responses to the range of U.S. poultry products on display were overwhelming. The four distributors reported very encouraging combined sales commitments in excess of US$160,000 over the next six months.


Frontal View of the USAPEEC Pavilion at WOFEX

Margaret Say, USAPEEC ASEAN Director attends to trade visitor

L to R: Chef Yeo Hen Teck, Hard Rock Café, Ralph Bean, U.S. Ag Counselor, Margaret Say, Director USAPEEC and Jess Cham, Meyer Consolidated Inc


Philippines chefs showcase their culinary skills in the Philippines Culinary Cup

A culinary competition was held in conjunction with the WOFEX Show in Manila. The Philippines Culinary Cup which was held for the 6th year, provided an internationally-recognized forum for Filipino chefs to showcase their talents in the culinary field.

USAPEEC was a major platinum sponsor of the competition, endorsed by the World Association of Chefs. The Philippines Culinary Cup comprises several categories: 

  1. Savory Categories  
  2. Pastry Categories
  3. Beverage Categories

The Savory Categories consolidated 12 competition sections including the Young Chefs Team Challenge, the Dream Team Challenge, Creative Breakfast Section, Sous Vide Section, and the U.S. Poultry Section. 

Each team in the Young Chefs Team Challenge consisted of at least two apprentice chefs aged 26 years and below. The Dream Team Challenge consisted of teams of four professional chefs from the same organization including restaurants, hotels or other culinary organizations. USAPEEC Singapore sponsored the U.S poultry cooking section which was open to all participants. During the poultry competition, U.S. Poultry was provided with very wide media, print and visual exposure.


Participant at the Philippines Cup Competition

A section of the participating teams in the Philippines Culinary Cup


Taste of U.S. foods at Hotel Equatorial, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotel Equatorial, Ho Chi Minh City, organized the American Food Fest 2015 in two restaurants, Chit Chat at the Café and Orientica Seafood Restaurant, during July 3 -16 2015. Main U.S. products that were featured included U.S. poultry, U.S. beef, U.S. potato, Washington Apples and California wines.

Besides the Agricultural Affairs Office, USAPEEC was one of the main sponsors of the menu promotion. The U.S. menu promotion attracted a steady flow of customers, particularly to Chit Chat at the Café. Over 500 covers were registered during the U.S. Menu promotion at the Café. Due to the extensive promotional campaign carried out by Hotel Equatorial, the U.S. menu promotion was featured in more than 50 newspapers and magazines in the city.


U.S. Poultry promotional materials at Chit Chat at the Café

U.S. roast turkey displayed at the Chit Chat at the Café

Chit Chat at the Café at Hotel Equatorial, Ho Chi Minh City


All Things Eggs

Eggs are important across many aspects for baking. Due to their versatile properties, there are very few recipes that do not need eggs. Eggs can be used as a binder for cakes, waffles, muffins and other baked desserts. When heated, eggs become firm and help provide structure and prevent crumbling. In baking, the most common method to add eggs into the batter is the creaming method, where eggs are added one by one. In doing so, eggs are able to emulsify the fats and liquids, which hold baked desserts together while giving them the smooth and creamy texture.

Other than binding different ingredients together, eggs also add flavor and color to the dessert. Eggs are added straight to the dough all at once, or in batches at a time, as they are not the main binding agent in this case. Lightly beaten eggs, mixed with water, milk, or salt, are normally used as an egg wash or a glaze, to give desserts a shiny appearance when baked.

Egg yolks can be used to create a richer and denser baked item, due to the fat content of the yolks. Eggs yolks can also serve as the primary thickening agent, and this is captured in many recipes involving puddings, custards, and ice creams. For these desserts, egg yolks require tempering, which is critical to avoid having scrambled eggs instead, since yolks cook at low temperatures. Tempering involves adding a hot liquid to the egg yolk mixture slowly, while whisking it.

While whole eggs and egg yolks have many different functions in baking, egg whites cannot be forgotten as well. Whipped egg whites can act as a leavener by trapping air bubbles in the batter, helping soufflés, cakes, and other baked desserts attain a light, fluffy rise. Whipped egg whites can also be used as a base for mousses, sauces, and marshmallows, as a frosting for cakes and pies, or as a filling in pastries. Most commonly, egg whites are whipped with sugar to form meringue. There are three types of meringues – French, Italian and Swiss –  and the difference is when and how sugar is added. Meringues can be used as topping for pies and cakes, and for layers in between cakes.

Instead of using egg whites, some chefs prefer to use egg white powder for several advantages it brings. The most notable benefit is that it enhances meringues. Egg white powder often has an added stabilizer which helps make meringue longer-lasting and lessens the chance of over-whipping. Egg white powder also provides consistency across batches, and increases shelf life. More importantly, egg white powder saves time, labor, and waste since there is no need to separate the egg whites from the egg yolks, only to dispose the egg yolks after. Depending on the brand of the egg white powder, however, it may not taste quite the same as fresh egg whites. It is up to the chef’s discretion to decide on the role of egg whites in the baking recipe.

Meringues created with egg whites
Credit: Lila Dobbs


Not just a seasonal dish!

Luscious thanksgiving spreads and Christmas dinners. These are some of the images that jump to mind when the word “turkey” is mentioned. Though sometimes associated with carbohydrates-rich, sinful meals during seasonal celebrations, turkey can be a healthy source of protein if the preparation is tweaked.

Skinless turkey breast is a lean meat popular among body builders for its high protein, and muscle-building properties. Turkey breast roasted with herbs and paired with potatoes make for a low fat, yet delicious meal.  Fat-free ground turkey is also a healthy ingredient ideal for people watching their waistline and can be used for recipes such as Shepherd’s Pie and Turkey Meatball Stroganoff.

Turkey meat also boasts several health benefits. Four ounces of skinned turkey breast provides 30-35 grams of protein, with less than 1 gram of total fat. Turkey meat is rich in protein, and falls into a group of high protein foods that can help stabilize meal digestion and regulate blood sugar levels within a desirable range. Turkey meat also contains high levels of vitamins and minerals such as selenium, vitamin B6 and phosphorus.

While turkey meat products are commonplace, turkey eggs are still considered unconventional especially in Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia.  However, after celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Delia Smith featured these eggs on their shows, turkey eggs have become more popular.

Turkey eggs are finding a niche among consumers in UK that seek these eggs for their unique properties. Using turkey egg white in cake and pastry preparation are said to produce lighter and fluffier textures. Turkey egg white has a thicker consistency as it contains more protein, creating a loftier structure when whipped. As a turkey egg is larger in size than a chicken egg, it boasts a higher yolk to white ratio. This useful attribute helps to create richer baking goods or sauces with creamier textures.

With such versatile properties, it is no wonder that these eggs are well received by some bakers and culinary enthusiasts. British supermarket chain Waitrose responded to the demands of this niche market by bringing in turkey eggs at a discounted price.

Despite their virtues, turkey eggs are rarely found on our plates or even in specialty grocery stores in Southeast Asia. Supplies of turkey eggs available are usually much lower than that of other eggs.  Turkey eggs are rarely sold as they are normally kept for breeding Christmas or Thanksgiving stocks. Turkeys lay eggs only twice a week, in contrast to chickens which lay daily.


Roast Turkey


The uncommon and the rare

While frying, boiling and steaming are tried and tested methods of preparing chicken, you may start getting tired of consuming meals prepared in the same fashion. Here are some alternative cooking methods that could add a twist to your dining menu.

One interesting method of preparing chicken is the “Beer Butt Chicken” recipe, which involves grilling or baking the chicken vertically over an open drink can. Though the set up may look rather strange, many cooks have vouched for this cooking method, claiming it produces a juicier roast. After rubbing the chicken inside out with spices, the chicken cavity is lowered onto the top of a half emptied beer or cola can. The chicken is roasted using a preheated barbecue or oven. Steam from the beer cooks the inside of the bird, so the meat ends up being very moist.

Another unusual cooking method involves poaching chicken in milk and spices. Poaching chicken requires no oil or fat, yet produces a succulent, flavorful chicken worthy of any recipe. It involves covering chicken pieces with spiced-infused milk and letting them simmer on the stovetop until the chicken is cooked through. The low temperature and moist-heat cooking method cooks the chicken gently and prevents it from overcooking too quickly. The lactic acid in the milk helps tenderize the flesh, making it juicier and more receptive to soaking up the flavor of other spices present in the sauce.

In addition to roasting and poaching, sous vide is an alternative cooking method that has become popular recently. It was hailed by gastronomy guru Heston Blumental as the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades.

Sous vide needs minimal supervision and skill, yet produces consistently juicy meat with a tender texture. The method locks the chicken’s natural juices and fat into the meat by vacuum sealing the chicken meat – usually a fillet cut - in a heat resistant plastic pouch before cooking. The pouch is immersed in a water bath maintained at 60°C by the sous vide cooker. Slow cooking the meat at lower temperatures ensures that tough connective tissues are broken down, giving a smooth texture to the meat. The cooker also circulates the water over the meat, ensuring that the meat is evenly cooked.

The sous vide method can also be used to produce other dishes like Ajitsuke Tamago, which has been nicknamed “lava egg” due to its semi translucent, custard-like egg yolk. This dish is a popular feature in restaurants selling Japanese cuisine in Malaysia and Singapore. However, you can prepare it at home by cooking an unshelled raw egg sous vide.

These innovative methods of cooking can produce delicious results, but may require additional effort to reap the benefits in certain cases. In the case of sous vide, there is cost involved to purchase the necessary equipment. This includes a sous vide cooker as well as heat-proof plastic pouches. The method of roasting chicken on a beer or cola can requires dexterity to balance the bird atop the can, and to remove the can while avoiding spillage after cooking. Ultimately, the choice of cooking method depends on the cook’s preferences.


BBQ chicken drumsticks

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