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Welcome to the December issue of the USAPEEC ASEAN Regional Office.

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This month, we take a look at several market perspectives in the individual ASEAN countries.


  • Golden Jubilee SG50 Cook-off
  • Creative culinary experience at Industry Partners Reception @ The Sapling
  • Keen interest in international products attracts local food trade to MyanFood Show
  • Fermented food in Asia
  • Sriracha sauce and poultry



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Golden Jubilee SG50 Cook-Off

In conjunction with the SG50 national celebrations, SHATEC organized the Golden Jubilee SG50 Cook-off to encourage Singaporeans to showcase their home-made recipes of local cuisines. The event, which was held at The Sapling @ Enabling Village on 31 November, intended to highlight traditional flavors which are reminiscent of Singapore’s vibrant food culture. USAPEEC Singapore office was the main sponsor of the event.

Each team was made up of two people, out of which one must be aged 50 years and above. A total of ten teams participated in the cook-off. All teams were provided with U.S. boneless chicken thigh as the main ingredient. They were given 1 hour and 30 minutes to cook and serve 4 portions of their respective dishes. Judges included several prominent and leading chefs in Singapore.

The panel of judges were:

  • Chef Heman Tan, Executive Chef JP Pepperdine Group
  • Chef Derrick Ang, Executive Chef, The Jewel Box, Mount Faber Leisure Group
  • Chef Vincent Aw, Executive Chef, Orchard Hotel
  • Chef Matthew Yim, Executive Chef, Singapore Food Industries
  • Chef William Tan, Executive Chef, Sky on 57

Teams were judged on the taste, correct Professional Preparation, Mise-En-Place and Presentation. Guest-of-honor Denise Phua, the Mayor of Central Singapore District was invited to be the prize presenter. Some of the dishes presented include Otah Spiced Chicken Curry, Paper Wrapped Chicken, Semur Chicken with rice and sautéed vegetables. Salted Egg York Chicken, Chicken Rendang and Chicken 3 Way with Fragrance Chicken.

In a questionnaire survey among participants, almost all of them stated that they were more aware of the use of U.S. poultry after participating in the event and that they were more likely to use U.S. chicken in future.


Some of the participants at the SG Cook Off

L-H: Chef Edmund Toh, SHATEC & Organizer of Cook-Off, Winners Teo Jun Xiang & S.Wiknesh receiving prize from Mayor Denise Phua, Margaret Heng, CEO, SHATEC.


Creative culinary experience at Industry Partners Reception @ The Sapling

The Industry Partners Reception, which was organized by SHATEC and sponsored by USAPEEC, was touted as an extraordinary platform for showcasing poultry dishes specially created by some of Singapore’s well known celebrity chefs. The evening trade reception was held at the Sapling @ Enabling Village on 11 December.

The 120 guests included members of the Singapore Chefs Association, Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs, HK Chefs Association, Indian Chefs Culinary Association, other chefs from leading restaurants,  trainers from local culinary institutes, as well as purchasing managers from the food & beverage industry. Eight live stations were featured, each with one celebrity chef preparing two dishes using U.S. poultry ingredients. Guests were treated to a wide range of gastronomic delights as specially created and artistic blend of unique flavors were available for tasting at each station.

The Indian and Malay chefs at the stations developed very creative blends of Indian and Malay dishes respectively. The choice of spices and sauces used in the local dishes enhanced the flavors of local ethnic dishes. The guests all of whom have extensive culinary experience and are no strangers to culinary creations, were extremely delighted and impressed with the creativity on display that evening.


A cross section of the guests sampling U.S. poultry dishes at one of the stations

Chef Eric Low at his tasting station with the Sous Vide Chicken Roulade with Teochew Fermented Beans , Spring Onion & Ginger Confit


Keen interest in international products attracts local food trade to MyanFood Show

MyanFood 2015 Show, Myanmar’s largest international food show was held during 26-28 November 2015. The show featured a broad spectrum of food and hospitality products which included poultry, meats, beverages, juices, coffee, baked products, seafood and confectionery. 

The MyanFood Show, located at the Myanmar Event Park, covered 4000sqm of exhibition space. The show attracted both international and local trade visitors from a widesection of the food industry covering airline catering, bakery and confectionery trade, fast food restaurants, retailers, supermarkets and convenience stores, importers, wholesalers, pubs and clubs and restaurants. An estimated 7,182 trade visitors attended the three-day show.

Over 192 international and local exhibitors from 16 countries participated in the show. There were a total of seven national pavilions from  USA, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore and Myanmar. In conjunction with the show, the Myanmar poultry culinary challenge was held, with the focus on using poultry as the main product ingredient.  USAPEEC was the main platinum sponsor of the culinary competition.


USAPEEC Pavilion attracts large numbers of trade visitors at MyanFood 2015 Show


Fermented foods in Asia

Fermentation has had a long history as a preparation method of culinary delights. In this article, we explore reasons for their continuing relevance and popularity among consumers. Some of these factors include the ease of complementing/ producing fermented food, its health benefits and unique taste.

Fermentation is traditionally done through smoking, drying, and freezing. These were the traditional and widely practiced food preservation techniques, which are still commonly used in present days. Fermentation is also a by-product of salt preservation, as salt particles select certain harmless microorganisms that ferment the product which results in the product being nutritious and edible. An example of this is Miso, which is a result of fermented soybeans with salt and is considered one of the earliest products of fermentation.

There are health benefits that come with fermentation. Probiotics, which are good bacteria that keep your gut healthy and boost immunity, are commonly found in fermented food. Based on a recent study that sampled 700 students in a social situation, people who consumed more fermented food in the preceding 30 days were reported to have fewer anxiety symptoms such as sweaty palms and heart palpitations.

Fermentation also aids in the digesting process as it acts as digestive enzymes that breaks down food intake into smaller pieces, in order to facilitate their absorption by the body.
Many may not be aware that some of our favourite food are fermented and gives off a unique taste. Milk that has been fermented can produce food items such as yoghurt and sour cream, which makes very good dressings to our salad or chips.


Milk can be fermented to produce yoghurt. Credit: Guy Montag


Sriracha and poultry

Si Racha is a coastal city located in the Chonburi province of eastern Thailand. But it is also known for something else. Sriracha sauce, is a type of hot sauce, and named after its namesake, and its origin. It is made from a paste of chilli peppers, distilled vinegars, garlic, sugar and salt, and is originally used as a sauce for seafood.

In Thailand, Sriracha is frequently used as a dipping sauce, particularly for seafood. In Vietnamese cuisine, Sriracha appears as a condition for pho, fried noodles, a topping for spring rolls, and in sauces. Sriracha is also eaten on eggs and burgers, and in soup.  Jams, lollipops, and cocktails have been made using the sauce, and there are also Sriracha-flavoured potato chips in the market.

Even though Sriracha was originally used as a seafood sauce, it is good to go with anything and everything, poultry included! From honey Sriracha chicken to spicy Sriracha chicken and quino, there are many different ways of cooking chicken using Sriracha sauce.

Instead of the usual honey-glazed chicken, add in Sriracha sauce in the marinade to give a hint of spiciness. The balance of honey and Sriracha ensures that the dish is not overly sweet or overly spicy. Alternatively, you can create Sriracha-lime chicken skillet if you’re satisfying your palate for sour foods. Simply toss chicken thighs in an oven-safe skillet with olive oil, lime juice, onion and Sriracha. Hand them out under a broiler to make it all nice and crispy!

If you’re a chilli lover looking for some breakfast adventure, Sriracha could be your best friend. Get yourself some Sriracha swirled cornbread muffin. Sriracha is swirled right into the batter. A bite into the spicy swirl would add pleasant complexity to an otherwise-plain muffin.

For egg lovers, Sriracha deviled eggs could be your new favourite breakfast. Combine the egg yolks, mayonnaise, lime juice, Dijon and then season well with salt and pepper. Top the egg with pickled carrots or raddish. The spiciness of Sriracha is balanced by a hint of sweet-dour from the garnish of pickled carrots or radish.


Sriracha Sauce
Credit: Mike Mozart

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