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Welcome to the March issue of the USAPEEC ASEAN Regional Office’s newsletter.

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This issue, we share several activities that took place in Southeast Asia.


  • Visit us at the Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Show at Singapore Expo
  • Singapore shoppers attracted to unique food products offered by the new 24-hour Japanese supermarket
  • Danang, the fast-expanding economic hub in Central Vietnam
  • Heat-and-serve poultry meals sampled at leading supermarket chains met with keen response
  • It’s an egg-citing affair
  • Sawadee Ka, it’s time for Songkran
  • Asian sandwiches that are worth queuing up for



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Visit us at the Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Show at Singapore Expo

More than 4,000 exhibitors from 70 countries will be displaying their products and services in the exhibition space of over 119,500 square meters.

A total of 78,000 trade visitors are projected to attend the show taking place between April 24 to 27, 2018. The USA Poultry & Egg Export Pavilion (7C-01) and the American Egg Board booth (7B3-05) will be located at Hall 7, Singapore Expo. Our USAPEEC representatives and U.S. poultry exporters are available for meetings during the show.


Singapore shoppers attracted to unique food products offered by the new 24-hour Japanese supermarket

Don Don Donki, the newly opened Japanese supermarket, is a hit with Singapore shoppers. They sell an amazing array of consumer, household, and food products.

The budget retail store is part of the Don Quijote supermarket chain. It occupies over 1,400 square meters (15,060 square feet) of floor space in the prime Orchard Road shopping belt. Singaporeans love to purchase fashionable items on a shoe-string budget including new and quirky items not found anywhere else. It offers a unique range of household, toys, stationery, and lifestyle products in its 24-hour store. The new Japanese store displays a diverse offering of unique stationery such as pen scissors and staple-less staple punchers, clothing such as kimono dresses and cosplay costumes, toiletries, and household items. In the snack food and confectionery section, one can discover salty squid soda, Suntory yogurt flavored water, Russian roulette candy, cod cheese sticks, KitKat in uniquely Japanese flavors, and the popular Japanese sweet potato.

The supermarket section of Don Don Donki retails a wide range of larger-sized and eye-catching apples, uniquely flavored snack foods and confectionery, Hokkaido wagyu beef, Kagoshima white pork, and prepared chicken products. Like most stores in Japan, Don Don Donki offers air-flown sea urchin as well as an amazing variety of seafood including prepared sushi and sashimi products.

It appears that the Don Don Donki store has shown the way to new merchandizing trends and perhaps provided a solution to the woes that beset most retailers.


A section of the snacks offered

Eye-catching display of Japanese apples

Sashimi products prominently displayed in the seafood section


Danang, the fast-expanding economic hub in Central Vietnam

The city of Danang, Vietnam’s third largest has experienced among the highest economic growth rates (9.28 per cent in 2014) in the country as well as one of the highest per capita incomes (US$2,500 in 2014).

Danang has a population of 912,000 spread over 1,283 square kilometers. This serves as a gateway to the South China Sea economic corridor that runs through a number of provinces in Central Vietnam as well as neighboring countries Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

The relative ease of getting around the city, clear blue skies, pleasantly mild temperatures all year round, and lengthy stretches of white sandy beaches are some of the factors that are responsible for the fast-growing tourist industry in Danang. Lying almost midpoint between Hanoi in the north and Ho Chi Minh City in the south, its favorable geographical location, together with the high tourist arrival numbers, the increase in the number of expatriate residents, and rapid rising incomes, have all contributed to make Danang an extremely attractive place for investments in commercial and industrial real estate. 

The last decade has seen the rapid establishment of new supermarkets and Western-style restaurants. This has contributed to the import and distribution of a wide range of food products from Western economies. Major supermarket chains that have an established presence in Danang include Big C, Metro Cash & Carry, Lotte, Coopmart, and Vinmart. Best market prospects in this regional center include meat and poultry, fresh fruits, and confectionery. Imported U.S. chicken products are routinely distributed in some of retail outlets in the above mentioned supermarket chains.



A view of the waterways running through Danang

Front section of a major supermarket in Danang

A wide display of chilled meat and chicken products at a major supermarket in Danang


Heat-and-serve poultry meals sampled at leading supermarket chains met with keen response

Taste-testing of U.S. poultry prepared by using local recipes at Singapore supermarkets continue to receive enthusiastic interest from shoppers.

Singapore consumers are keen to explore new and innovative ways to prepare quick-to-serve meals. Following the recent poultry samplings at major supermarkets, consumers were seen to purchase family-sized packs of U.S. poultry parts processed, prepared, and semi-cooked locally. The heat-and-serve meals are a boon to working households who have very limited time in the evenings to prepare home-cooked dinners.


Shopper select purchases after taste-tesing

Singapore shopper seeking more information on preparation of U.S. chicken products


It’s an egg-citing affair

Eggs were once perceived as unhealthy due to the high levels of cholesterol found in yolks. However, this myth has been debunked by scientists worldwide1.

According to Healthline, recent studies reveal that eggs increase the amount of healthy cholesterol. They also do not have a negative impact to cholesterol levels in the bloodstream1. Eggs have been found to have high amounts of two antioxidants namely lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients lower the risk of eye disorders such as cataracts1. Eggs are also full of high-quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins. For instance, a large egg contains 77 calories, with five grams of healthy fats, and six grams of protein with all of the nine essential amino acids that are beneficial for consumption1.

Here are some ways to prepare eggs for a delicious meal.

Scrambled egg

According to Gordon Ramsay, an award-winning chef, the perfect scrambled egg is prepared by dropping beaten eggs into a pan on medium high heat with a slab of butter2. Consistently stirring with a spatula is necessary to ensure the egg does not stick to the pan. Finish it off with a dash of milk.

Onsen egg

Onsen refers to hot spring in Japanese3. These eggs are poached within the shells. The egg whites are silky while the yolk is firm and creamy. This can be prepared by placing cold eggs in a boiling pot of water. Remove the eggs from the boiling water after 12 minutes of cooking. Place the eggs into cold water to stop the cooking process. Onsen eggs are best served with rice dishes.

Eggs benedict

Eggs benedict is one of the commonly ordered dishes at cafes that serve all-day breakfast options4. This dish is prepared by boiling water with a dash of vinegar. Swirl the water and place the eggs in the pot. Cook for approximately three minutes before removing. Spread hollandaise sauce over toasted muffins and ham. Place the cooked egg at the top and spoon over the remaining hollandaise sauce to complete the dish.


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Scrambled eggs

Eggs benedict


Sawadee Ka, it’s time for Songkran

Songkran is Thailand’s most famous festival1 and the equivalent of New Year’s Day. This three-day festival is a joyous occasion among the Thais and falls annually on April 13.

During this festive period, most business chains are closed while mega-supermalls continue to operate under normal business hours1. Locals will return home to spend time with loved ones, participate in rituals at temples, and carry out annual house cleaning1. Tourist arrivals to Thailand are at its highest during this period1.

In Silom, the street will be packed with locals and tourists spraying water at each other1. Water is a symbolic element in Songkran as it cleanses misfortunes from the previous year and welcomes the New Year with a fresh start1.

A traditional dish consumed in Songkran is larb gai. It is served with sticky rice, slices of cucumber, green beans, and crispy chicken wings2. It is believed that the ingredients are symbolic of fortune2. This dish is also one of the staple dishes in Thailand2.

Apart from traditional dishes consumed during the widely-celebrated festival, other Thai dishes are also popular among locals and tourists alike. Some of these dishes include chicken pad Thai, Thai green curry with chicken, roasted duck curry, and stir-fried chicken with basil3. These dishes are some of Thailand’s most noteworthy meals that are consumed worldwide. For instance, Nara Restaurant is voted as one of Thailand’s best restaurants since 20064. The restaurant served authentic Thai cuisine to its diners. Some of its signature dishes include Ayuthaya boat noodles and stir-friend soft shell crab.


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Chicken pad Thai

Thai green curry with chicken


Asian sandwiches that are worth queuing up for

From crispy Vietnamese banh mi to savory Malaysian roti John, here is a list of popular Asian sandwiches that are worth the hype.

Banh Mi

Banh mi refers to bread in Vietnamese. Baguette is typically used in banh mi as introduced by the French during colonization1. It is a staple dish among the locals and has gained world-wide recognition1. Banh mi was also featured by CNN Travel in 2017 as one of the must-try dishes in Vietnam2. This crispy sandwichis served at push carts, cafes, and restaurants. Most eateries offer juicy chicken, beef and pork banh mi to diners. Diners can purchase a banh mi in Vienam as low as US$12.

Roti John

Roti John is the go-to sandwich in Malaysia3. It is sold at push carts, hawker centers, food bazaars and many more3. It is believed that this sandwich was first created in Singapore in the late 60s. He used the name John for this dish, a common nickname for Caucasian men, as the dish was a commonly ordered item among Western diners3. The sandwich then made its humble way to Malaysia in the 70s. Roti John is made by using a baguette and soaked in an omelet with minced chicken or beef meat, onions and chilies3.

Kaya Toast

Kaya toast is one of Southeast Asia’s favorite staple breakfast items4. Kaya is a spread made of coconut and sugar. It is used to spread over crispy toast and served with runny soft-boiled eggs as a complete meal4. For instance, Ya Kun Kaya Toast is one of Singapore’s longest running establishments that serve one of the best kaya toasts in town since 19445. One of its signature value set meals include two slices of kaya butter toast with two runny eggs and coffee5. Each meal costs SG$4.80 (US$3.65).

Credits: Ya Kun Kaya Toast


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Chicken banh mi



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