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Welcome to the May issue of the USAPEEC ASEAN Regional Office’s newsletter.

This newsletter seeks to provide readers with useful product and major market information for institutional and consumer users of U.S. poultry. Readers will find a variety of general market information, program activities as well as useful product information in every issue.

This issue, we share several activities that took place in Southeast Asia.


  • Surge in participation numbers at Food & Hotel Vietnam 2019 show
  • Fine Dining on Khmer cuisine in Siem Reap
  • Online grocery market in Southeast Asia
  • Cool refreshing Vietnamese chicken dishes for the hot summer days
  • The Clucking Donut, now quietly trending in Bangkok
  • Restaurants to look out for while visiting Singapore’s latest attraction, Jewel at Singapore airport
  • A guide to popular dishes from the ASEAN region
  • News Bites



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Surge in participation numbers at Food & Hotel Vietnam 2019 Show

Food & Hotel Vietnam is Vietnam’s largest food show. Over the years, it has generated tremendous interest among international exhibitors and overseas trade visitors. This year’s show saw a total of 466 participating exhibitors from across the world. Preliminary records also indicated that over 13,700 trade visitors attended the show during the three-day period (April 24 to 26, 2019).
This growing interest can be attributed to the increasing awareness of Vietnam as a rapidly growing market for consumer-oriented food products. Rising tourist arrivals, growth in middle-class consumers, coupled with the increasing number of western style restaurants and fast food chains have also contributed to the rising demand for high-quality imported products.
The 2019 show was located at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. USAPEEC managed a U.S. Poultry Pavilion where nine leading U.S. exporters were co-located. Daily food tasting of various poultry dishes prepared by professional chefs received overwhelming crowd response. Products displayed during the show include chilled and frozen foods, confectionery, dairy products, non-alcoholic beverages, fresh produce, processed food and convenience foods, seafood, wine, spirits and beer, as well as hospitality equipment & supplies.

USAPEEC ASEAN Regional Director, Margaret Say and her assistant Maria Cheong who managed the USAPEEC Pavilion were kept busy with numerous requests from local trade visitors to meet the U.S. representatives on a one to one basis. 


Some of the trade visitors seen daily at the USAPEEC pavilion

Trade visitors tasting & testing U.S. poultry at the USAPEEC Pavilion

Robert Hanson U.S. Agricultural Counselor chats with Margaret Say at the USAPEEC Pavilion

Maria Cheong (2nd left) and Margaret Say (3rd left) USAPEEC ASEAN director with U.S. poultry traders in front of USAPEEC Pavilion


Fine dining on Khmer Cuisine in Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia, is a popular tourist destination given that it is where Angkor Wat, the most impressive temple of the Khmer Empire, is located. As such, the local food scene has long catered to international palates. However, that is changing.
Khmer cuisine has slowly but surely crept up the fine dining ladder, reaping accolades for the use of ethnic ingredients with western preparation and presentation techniques. Today, chefs are also more willing to present recipes and flavors learnt from their grandmother’s kitchen. These are usually well-received due to the novelty of unusual ingredients or the feeling of nostalgia it creates.
Today, tourists looking to experience Khmer cuisine no longer need to forage for them in street stalls. Several eateries have emerged with the aim of bringing local street food to finer dining standards for discerning diners. One such eatery is Khmer Touch, which tries to appeal to both local and tourists by presenting a modern take to Cambodian street food in a stylish setting.
For a memorable experience in fine dining on Khmer Cuisine, look no further than Cuisine Wat Damnak – a charming traditional Cambodian wooden house surrounded by lush tropical greenery. Located within Siem Reap’s Wat Damnak village, the restaurant is headed by French Chef Joannès Rivière. He utilizes his French culinary expertise to recreate Cambodian dishes rich in local flavors. Some of the restaurant's popular dishes include the Tonle Sap croaker fish curry and Angkor stout slow-cooked pork shank with okra, yellow noodle cake, crispy chicken breast and fermented chili sauce.
The Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap took a different approach. Headed by Chef Kimsan Pol and Chef Kimsan Sok, also known as the “Kimsan Twins” for having the same surnames, they allow diners to experience Khmer Cuisine in a classy European setting. Both chefs graduated from reputable hospitality schools and have extensive overseas experience, including a stint with Michelin starred French Chef Regis Marcon. They then returned to Cambodia to promote traditional Khmer Cuisine in a westernized setting.


Casual Fine Dining @ Khmer Touch (Photo: Khmer Touch's Facebook page

Cuisine Wat Damnak entrance (Photo: Wat Damnak's Facebook page)


Online grocery market in Southeast Asia

Online grocery shopping is set to replace traditional in-store grocery shopping given that we live in an era of e-commerce and the internet. Research by the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) forecast that the top 10 online grocery shopping markets will continue to grow and be worth US$227 billion by 20231. This includes China, Japan, and Korea.
There are a few factors to consider for online grocery to succeed. Firstly, there must be high internet and mobile internet penetration rates. Consumers need to prefer the convenience of online-browsing and waiting for delivery instead of laboriously locating individual items from the shelves and lugging groceries home. A higher population density and a willingness to pay extra for delivery are also important factors.
With these in mind, Singapore is perhaps the most developed online grocery market within ASEAN. Online purchasing of packaged groceries has grown by 10% from the past year2. Indonesia and Thailand are also seeing rapid growth in the online grocery market. The online market in Thailand is dominated by three big supermarket chains, while Indonesia’s online market is made up of a range of players – each targeting a different segment of customers. Online grocery players in Malaysia and Philippines both cater to a niche category with limited product range and delivery service area.

While there is scant evidence of profitability in the online grocery market now, the number of players and continued injection of cash indicates confidence to reap rewards in the future.
Chart: Online Grocery Market Players in Southeast Asia


Online Grocery Market Players


Cold Storage, NTUC, Sheng Shiong, Redmart, Opentaste, Honestbee, GoFresh


Big C, Makro, Tesco Lotus, HappyFresh


HappyFresh,, Hypermart Online,, GoMart


Tesco online, PasarTap Delivery, Happyfresh, BigBox Asia, Sam’s Groceria, Redtick


Puregold, Waltermart,

  1. Asia ‘leading the way’ in e-commerce: Four of the top ten global online grocery markets in 2023 will hail from APAC (Nov 2018)
  2. Online Grocery Purchasing up 10% in the past year among Singaporeans amidst burgeoning ecommerce scene (Nov 2018)

Redmart Delivery van (Photo: Redmart's Facebook page)

HappyFresh delivery bags (Photo: Happy Fresh's Facebook page)


Cool refreshing Vietnamese chicken dishes for the hot summer days

It is summertime! With the advent of the summer heat, the idea of eating a piping hot lunch is not appetizing. There are many healthy cold dishes that one might cook during these warm months. For something different yet quick and easy to prepare, do consider Vietnamese dishes. They often consist of fresh vegetables, a healthy portion of protein and are low in fat.
Vietnamese cold rice noodle salad with Chicken
The Vietnamese rice noodle salad with chicken is a cold dish that is highly customizable to suit individual taste buds. The chicken used in this dish can be any grilled, roasted, or charbroiled chicken strips. Next, boil the rice noodles, strain, and set aside. This serves as the carbs content of the dish. Prepare some julienned carrots and cucumbers, lettuce leaves, mint leaves, cilantro and bean sprouts. Lastly, assemble the salad by combining the rice noodles with the prepared vegetables and top it off with the chicken slices.
Vietnamese rice paper roll
The Vietnamese rice paper roll qualifies as a complete meal as it includes carbs, proteins, and fibers. First, boil the rice noodles, strain, and set aside. Popular meat options for this dish are chicken or shrimp. They can be grilled, roasted, or boiled. Next, dip Vietnamese rice wrappers into a bowl of warm water. Once softened, lay them flat on a large plate. Place lettuce, a mix of rice noodles, mint leaves, and cucumber or carrot strips in the center of the rice wrapper, leaving about two inches of uncovered wrapper on each side. Lay the meat on top of vegetables. Fold uncovered sides inward, then tightly roll the wrapper, beginning at the ends.
Both dishes are usually served with the Nuoc Cham, a Vietnamese sweet savory sauce that can be pre-made.
Nuoc Cham
Lightly pound a clove of garlic, a small chilli, and a tablespoon or two (to taste) with mortar and pestle to blend the flavors. Transfer the paste to a bowl, stir in about two tablespoons of lime juice, a tablespoon of rice vinegar, and about a quarter cup of fish sauce. Slowly add water (about a cup or more) till the color is a light amber hue or until the desired flavor is achieved. The Nuoc Cham sauce can be refrigerated for up to two weeks.


Vietnamese cold rice noodles with grilled chicken (Photo: Saigon Casa's Facebook page)

Vietnamese paper rice rolls by Pran Thira (Photo: Shutterstock)


The Clucking Donut, now quietly trending in Bangkok

The Clucking Donut is an inconspicuous bistro tucked away in a little corner of Bangkok (Soi Petchburi 47). It is where one may head to for an indulgent meal combining southern American deep-fried chicken, melt-in-the-mouth homemade donuts, quality chocolates, and a range of spicy mouth burning chilli pepper blends.
When one is in Bangkok surrounded by street food fried chicken, why not fork out a little more for a Southern American fried chicken? The difference between the two, beyond the flavors, is the texture. Roadside fried chicken has a thinner crispy batter, while southern American fried chicken has a thicker and crunchier batter.
The chicken comes in various degrees of spiciness – Bare Naked, Mild, Hot, Cluck me! and Shittin’ Fire. The Cluck Me! and Shittin’ Fire level of spiciness are served with a warning and gloves as the chilli blends were made from some of the spiciest chilli peppers in the world bearing names in the league of Trinidad Scorpion Peppers, Ghost Peppers, and Carolina Reaper chillies. It almost makes the local spicy bird eye chilli sound like a small fry.
The Clucking Donut also pairs deep fried chicken with mouth melting fresh baked American style donuts. The sweet and moist donuts will certainly help counter the spice from the chicken dishes. Their chocolate donuts are a must as this little bistro makes their own chocolate from raw Thai cocoa beans.
Do save some space for a chocolate dessert or their signature iced Malai Mocha Chocolate drink too.


Clucking Donut Signage (Photo: Clucking Donut's Facebook page)

Fried chicken paired with fresh donut and homemade pickle (Photo: Clucking Donut's Facebook page)


Home cooked meals made easy

To make a home-cooked meal after a full day in the office sounds like a tall order, especially for those with busy work schedules.

However, eating out every day may not be a good option either.

Fortunately, the rise in convenience foods, heat and serve meals, and similar meal solutions have made it easier for busy full-time workers to prepare quick and hot meals at home in very short turnaround times.

A recent visit to several local supermarkets reveal many interesting choices and varieties. They have the usual local favourites such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Claypot Rice, or Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang; Other ethnic foods include Japanese teriyaki, Korean spicy dishes or Italian spaghetti. There are also healthier choices that are suitable for diabetics or vegetarian. An increasing number of frozen meals are nutritionally well balanced with sufficient amounts of protein, fibre, and vegetables.

More importantly the price points between S$4 to S$10 (US$2.94 – US$7.35) fall comfortably within the affordability range of lower income workers.

The cost of preparing the home cooked meals out of semi-prepared dinners is also not much different from eating out at the food stalls located at neighbourhood food courts.  



Hainanese Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice

Korean Spicy Chicken


Restaurants to look out for while visiting Singapore’s latest attraction, Jewel at Singapore Airport

The much-anticipated Jewel Changi opened in Singapore on April 17, 2019. This new attraction includes awe-inspiring features such as the world's largest indoor waterfall and a five-storey high indoor garden. Visitors of Jewel will be happy to learn that they have over 100 dining options to choose from.
Shake Shack
One of the most anticipated restaurants at Jewel is America’s fast food chain Shake Shack. This is Shake Shack’s first outlet in Southeast Asia and carries the classic Chick'n Shack burger on its menu.

The burger is an assembly of crispy chicken breast paired with lettuce, pickles, and topped with buttermilk herb mayo. Apart from burgers, the fast food chain also specializes in hot dogs. Its chicken dog contains the Shake Shack chicken served with apple and sage sausage.

Yun Nans
The world largest Yunnan food and beverage chain has also opened an outlet at Jewel Changi. At Yun Nans, diners can have a look at how the chefs prepare the dishes in an open kitchen concept.

A popular dish is the Steam Pot Chicken soup. This dish is prepared without a single drop of water during the cooking process. Instead, the chefs pressure steam wolfberries and black feet chicken for three hours to create this mouth-watering soup. A common way of eating this dish is to remove the chicken meat from the soup and mixing the chicken with a special in-house sauce.
Other food outlets at Jewel selling mouth-watering dishes include JW360° - a concept store that specializes in creating a Japanese style chicken cutlet. While making its comeback to Singapore, A&W restaurants  attracts endless throngs of eager diners. Besides its well renowned Root Beer float, diners at this eatery can also enjoy a classic chicken coney dog.

  1. Jewel Changi Airport Food Directory - 112 Restaurants, Eateries and Cafes to Dine at
  2. Shake-Shack Official Website  
  3. Enjoy Yun Nans Cuisine at Jewel Changi Airport
  4. Eight Food Places At Jewel Changi You Have To Eat At    



Chick’n Shack burger at Shake Shack (Photo: Shake Shack's Facebook page)

Steamed chicken soup (Photo: Yun Nans' Facebook page)


A guide to popular dishes from the ASEAN region

Some of the ASEAN cuisines have received world-wide acclamation for their culinary skills. While most of the cuisines in this region use different types of meat, the original versions of some dishes were created using chicken. Following are some such dishes from the ASEAN region that are created using chicken as the main meat ingredient.
Adobo, Philippines
The Philippines is well-recognised for their Adobo dish. The common parts used in making the dish are chicken thigh, drumsticks and breast. A marinade of vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaf, garlic and soya sauce is mixed with the chicken and refrigerated for two to three hours. Post refrigeration, the chicken marinade is cooked over high heat and stirred continuously. It is ready to be served with rice once the sauce thickens.

Khao Piak Sen, Laos
Khao Piak Sen is a flavorful chicken-based noodle soup from Laos. The chicken broth is prepared by bringing a mix of chicken thighs and aromatics such as kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass stalks to boil. The noodles are made by boiling a carefully measured proportion of rice flour and tapioca flour. Once ready, the noodles are added to the chicken broth. To make the dish more enticing, shredded chicken is generously added onto the top.

Chicken Bun Mang Ga, Vietnam
Bung Mang Ga is Vietnam’s home ground noodle soup cooked together with chicken and bamboo shoots.
Chicken leg and salt are first mixed together and kept aside for a few minutes. In a pan, oil is heated over medium flame to cook the shallots. Once the shallots are soft and translucent, chicken is added into the pan, and lightly seared for one-two minutes. Fish sauce, bamboo shoots and rock sugar are added. This mixture is cooked for about one hour until the chicken is tender. 

Round bun rice noodles are cooked separately, by boiling them for three to seven minutes. The mixture is transferred into a large bowl and served with the noodles.

  1. A shared plate: A look ar Asean delicacies
  2. Filipino Chicken Adobo Recipe
  3. Khao Piak Sen (Lao Tapioca Noodle Chicken Soup)
  4. Bun Mang Ga Instant Pot (VietnameseBamboo Shoot And Chicken VermicelliSoup)



Chicken Adobo (Photo: Panlasang Pinoy's Facebook page)

Khao Piak Sen (Photo: What to cook today's Facebook page)

Bung Mang Ga (Photo: Katie's Test Kitchen's Facebook page)


News Bites: May


Two new Grab Kitchens opened in Central Jakarta

Grab opened two new Grab Kitchens in Cideng and Kramat in mid-April this year. The central kitchen concept helps Grab to better service customers living within the area. According to the press release, Grab Kitchens help to cut delivery times by up to 20% and increase vendor incomes. Locations for Grab Kitchens were chosen based on an analysis of customers travel and dining patterns.

The Duck King restaurant plans 12 new outlets

The Duck King restaurant chain in Indonesia plans to open 12 new outlets this year. The new local outlets will be located in Karawaci, Makassar, Medan and Bali. Plans for overseas branches include Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia.


New KFC at Bandar Universiti Pago (BUP) to serve 7000 students

A new drive-thru KFC restaurant slated to be completed by June 2020 at BUP multi-varsity integrated education hub will serve more than 7000 students studying at the four university campuses in the area.

McDonalds Malaysia expects US$718 million in sales revenue this year

McDonalds Malaysia aims to bring in RM3 billion (US$718million) in sales revenue this year. The company recorded 19% growth in sales year on year for 2018 and is expected to continue to achieve double digit growth over the next few years.

A&W to introduce more affordable set meals for locals

A&W Malaysia will be introducing set meals priced at more affordable rates for local customers in May 2019. The affordable set meals will be priced at US$2.50, compared to the current set meal priced at US$3.6. A&W Malaysia will also be absorbing the cost for using pricier fresh chicken as opposed to frozen cuts in order to offer better value for customers. The company will also double the number of its standalone drive-thru outlets to eight by 2020.

EatFun food delivery app hope to carve niche with home-cooked meals

A relative newcomer to the food delivery market, EatFun delivery app aims to connect home-based chefs to consumers. While the food delivery market is getting more competitive, EatFun differentiates itself from established players such as FoodPanda by focusing on the nostalgia of simple home-cooked food. The app currently claims to have registered about 200 chefs and 2000 customers.

Popular British Fish and Chips restaurant to debut in Genting Highlands

The Laughing Fish, a popular British Fish and Chips joint, will be opening its first outlet at Resorts World Genting Highlands. The restaurant has been serving fish and chips in Britain since 1928 and currently has 35 outlets across Britain.


Aeon opens hypermarket in Yangon

Japanese retail giant Aeon opened a new hypermarket in Yangon. The Aeon Orange Thanlyin Sakura has a 70 square meter dining area that offers local dishes, salads, and desserts. There are also plans to add a bakery to the mix.

Aeon has been working on strengthening its foothold in Southeast Asia by expanding its networks of shopping malls and supermarkets in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Aeon currently has 74 stores operating in the Southeast Asia region.

Yangon American International School to launch in August

Yangon American International School will open in August this year. The school is built on a 2322 square meter site located along Yangon-Insein Road in Hlaing township. Tuition for students ranged from US$7500 per year to US$15,000 per year. The school will be operated by Myanmar Strategic Holdings (MSH).

Thilawa SEZ welcomes first hotel

Thilawa Special Economic Zone welcomes its first hotel since the zone was launched 4 years ago. Super Hotel Myanmar Thilawa opened its doors in April 2019. The new four-storey hotel, a US$13.5 million investment, is part of the Osaka-based Super Hotel chain. The new 129-room hotel includes 2 restaurants, an onsite convenience store, a fitness centre, and hot spring bath.

A new Yangon Specialist Hospital expected to be completed in 2021

A new Yangon Specialist Hospital specializing in patient-centred medical and healthcare services for cerebral and cardiovascular diseases is expected to be completed in April 2021. The new medical facility will be established with assistance from Japan’s International Cooperation Agency and the Department of Medical Services. The Japanese government will contribute US$77.53 million to the project. The Myanmar government will contribute US$27.58 million.


CP Philippines to massively expand its Chicken Star network

Charoen Pokphand Foods Philippines (CP Philippines) told Agribiz that it is aiming to expand its Chicken Star outlet network to cover the entire Philippines. The company currently operates 300 outlets, mainly within the Central Luzon region. Chicken Star outlets sells roasted and deep-fried chicken, Chinese style pork dumplings, and chicken hotdogs.


Coffee Dome Cafe to exit Singapore scene

Australian franchise Dome Café will close its last outlet in Singapore after 20 years on the island. Dome Café Parkway Parade will cease operations after the third week of June. Other franchise closures in Singapore this year include Kenny Rogers, Dazzling Café, and Pablo Cheese Tart, all which face fierce competition from a surge of hipster cafes offering specialty brews and trendy foods.

Isetan Singapore to close its Westgate store

Isetan Singapore will not be renewing its Westgate store lease when it expires on December 22 this year. It is noted that Isetan Westgate, which consist of both a department store as well as a supermarket, is loss-making. Isetan's retail segment records a net loss of $21.2 million in 2018.


Latest Michelin Guide to feature food from Chiang Mai

The latest edition of the Michelin Guide will feature food choices from Chiang Mai, one of Thailand's top tourism destinations. The Guide, which reviewed about 50 eateries from Chiang Mai, could help attract more tourists to the northern regions of Thailand to savour the distinctive flavors of Isaan cuisine. The Michelin Guide also covers restaurants in Phuket, Phangnga, and Bangkok.

Italthai Group allocate B5 billion to expand hospitality business

Italthai Group, one of Thailand's oldest construction and hospitality companies, will invest B5 billion (US$157 million) to add 10 new hotels, serviced apartments, and spas to its hospitality business. Italthai Group currently manages 50 properties in eight countries.

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) report 40% surge in profit for Q1 2019

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) reported a profit of US$135.62 million in Q1 2019, which is 40% more than the same period last year. The profit growth stems mainly from its pork business in Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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