Events: 2013

USAPEEC ASEAN office carries out various program activities in the individual ASEAN countries every year. In 2013, the following program activities were carried out.

Food & Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta

April 24-26 2013

USAPEEC ASEAN office managed a USAPEEC pavilion with the participation of three U.S. poultry exporters.

WOFEX 2013 Show Manila

July 31-August 3 2013

USAPEEC participated with a 36 square meter booth. Many new enquiries were received from a broad range of organizations with the hospitality industry

U.S. Food & Beverage Agent Show, Yangon

August 22-23 2013

USAPEEC operated a table top show and carried out tastings of poultry prepared by a well-known chefs.

MyanFood 2013, Yangon, Myanmar

November 6-8, 2013



Cambodia Showcase

Nov 11-13 Phnom Penh and Nov 14-15 Siem Reap

A GBI project involving several co-operators featuring U.S. food products in a U.S. solo show held in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Asian Masters Event, Singapore

November 17, 2013

USAPEEC collaborated with SPH to feature four separate chefs’ workshops held at Totts.