U.S. poultry and eggs not only taste good but they are also good for you. Read on to find more information about their health benefits.


  • High quality protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and is very affordable.
  • The American Heart Association has declared that an egg a day is permitted, and data fully supports that “an egg or two a day really is okay.”
  • The egg yolk can potentially be a preventative strategy against age related degeneration.
  • Eggs are inspected by the USDA and graded accordingly


  • Chicken has no carbohydrates and is lower in fat than beef and pork.
  • Because chicken is lean and high in protein, it is considered one of the healthiest foods humans consume.
  • Chicken is one of the most versatile foods in the world, it can be roasted, fried, barbequed, microwaved, pre-cooked, and found ready to eat.
  • USDA inspectors to maintain the highest quality in the world inspect U.S. chicken.
  • Because USDA inspectors are highly trained, any sign of disease within a carcass is detected very early.
  • Hormones are not used to raise chickens, only antibiotics are provided to the birds to prevent disease.


  • Duck is high in protein and iron and low in carbs.
  • U.S. Ducks are raised indoors for protection from the elements; this helps them be of the highest quality possible.
  • Raised on nutritious grains such as soybeans and corn.
  • Shipped in climate controlled containers.
  • Natural breeding and feeding without compromising the flavor.
  • The USDA, like chicken and turkey, federally inspects ducks.
  • Additives are not allowed on fresh duck or goose.


  • Turkey has lower calories and more protein than beef or pork.
  • USDA officials use the same methods to inspect turkey and chicken, this maintains the standard of high quality.
  • Turkey provides the opportunity for quick meal preparation.
  • With a low flavor profile and fat content, turkey makes it easy to add other meat products to make a 100% poultry product.
  • It blends well with other meat materials for a delicious taste