In the second and third segments of the cooking series, Chef Teo offers his very own take on Satay (skewered meat), a popular Asian favorite. Using U.S. Chicken Whole Leg as the main ingredient, marinated in a hot chili-based mixture and fried with Peranakan-style rempah (spice paste) over a gentle fire, Chef Teo demonstrates how easy it is to cook Satay U.S. Chicken Whole Leg at home. You can also delight in Chef Eric’s culinary offering of his Pan-seared U.S. Duck Breast with Mini Bell Peppers and Mandarin Orange Segments. In this video, he takes you through a step-by-step process to prepare the dish – from scoring the breast to searing it in the pan and baking to get that crispy skin at the end. The mini bell peppers and orange segments add zest and flavour to complete the dish. Click to watch: