As the pandemic continues to reign in, social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram have skyrocketed with creators from all over the world, coming together to share what they’re cooking in their kitchens. As home-cooks and chefs take adaptions of dishes from other cuisines and add their own twist, cross-cultural or fusion dishes are now popping up all over the internet.

According to PreGel America magazine, fusion food can be traced back to the 1980s, when chefs like Roy Yamaguchi and Wolfgang Puck began to combine Asian and European flavors, to provide one-of-a-kind combinations and exciting eating experiences. The dishes soon became an inspiration for countless others around the globe. As foodies continue to seek out food from other cultures, here’s how some restaurants are shaking up with new hybrid dishes:

Planta by Andrea Peresthu

A rich selection awaits at the Planta Kitchen by Chef Andrea Peresthu. Offering delish Tropical-Indonesian & Mediterranean meals such as Paella del Mar, boasting Valenciana yellow rice, shrimp, calamari and clams, the restaurant in South Jakarta charms with an explosion of flavors. The Cingur Cabe Hijau (sautéed wagyu soaked in green chili and black nightshade) and Duck DigDug (a soy blend simmered Peking duck served with Balinese vegetables and sambal) are also must-tries.

Sunae Asian Cantina

The Sunae Asian Cantina by Chef Christina Sunae is where “Asian flavors tango with Latin flair”. The restaurant, in partnership with the Nikkei group, serves the flavors of Buenos Aires and Southeast Asia, inspired by Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Filipino cuisines. Top picks include Khao Soi (coconut milk curry from Chiang Mai with free-range chicken, egg noodles and vegetables), Burnt Coconut Curry (braised beef ribs in Filipino-Muslim burnt coconut sauce and lemongrass) and Adobo Cachapas (Venezuela sweet corn cake with pork adobo).

Khao Soi is a concoction of coconut milk curry from Chiang Mai. (Photo: Sunae Asian Cantina FB)


Make way for retro multi-concept casual diner. 8ASH located at Ann Siang Hill is here to cure the rising burger fever in Singapore. The brand’s 3-in-1 concept comprises Love Handle Burgers with fully-vegan and plant-based burgers; Mirai Burgers – American-Japanese burger creations using classic flavors and techniques; and Hoshi Hill offering casual-luxe Japanese set meals featuring premium ingredients. Look out for the Vegan “Ramli” Burger, Cream Spinach Loaded Fries, Yuzu Karage Burger, Katsu Okonomiyaki Burger, Teriyaki Chicken Donburi, and Premium Beef Bowls.

Check out the multi-concept American-Japanese burgers at 8ASH. (Photo: 8ASH FB)