Food trends are starting to take shape with pizzas taking a leap forward. Creative and artisanal pizzas are gaining momentum worldwide and in Southeast Asia as well. For pizzas, the dough is usually fermented over days and cooked in traditional Italian ovens, with different toppings to bring unique and fun concepts to the eye. So, what’s cooking?

Exclusive & Authentic

Small’s Singapore presents an innovative experience for diners as the intimate space holds only 12 diners with seats selling out quickly in 24 hours. In a fine dining setting, diners move through a course of a 3-hour meal, entertained by their respective hosts. Pizzas are treated as an art form, having been fermented for three to five days for the best authentic taste. Featuring Vietnamese favorites, the pizza dough is transformed into skyscraping Banh Mi sandwiches, complete with Vietnamese charcuterie. If you’re looking for a dining experience like no other, this is the place for you.

Cheese-Packed Crust

Ever heard of a hollow pizza? The Pizza Company in Thailand has launched the Double Cheese Burger Crust, a hollowed-ring crust pizza. Serving a party of 12, the pizza contains pork and cheese and is made into mini burgers joined in a ring-shape. It comes with 2 dipping sauces (Tomato and Tomato Mustard Sauce). Also available, the Crunchy Chicken with Korean Sauce & Cheese Crust Pizza. As the name suggests, the crust is made up of crunchy chicken balls that customers can choose to coat in Korean sauce or regular cheesy sauce.

The Pizza Company has invented a unique hollow pizza. (Photo: The Standard)

Handmade Goodness

Roberto’s 1020 Osteria is a high-end Tuscan restaurant in Malaysia that delivers real Italian cuisine to your table. Most of the items, from the flour, cold cuts of meat, and cheese selections, to wines, and even the wood-and-gas fired pizza oven are imported from Italy. The menu features many traditional and classic combinations of pizza, which can be made to cater to individual palates, upon request. Roberto’s also offers handmade pastas, paninis, and meat-based mains.

Roberto’s uses traditional cooking methods to make classic pizza combinations. (Photo: TamuAsia)