Flourless Devil’s Cake

Recipe & photo courtesy of Chef Val Chean

Ingredients :


5g        U.S. egg yolk powder
120g     Egg yolk
120g     Water
505g     Sugar
5g        U.S. egg white powder
120g     Egg white
40g       Water
100g     Sugar
250g     Butter
280g     Dark chocolate couverture


340g     Cream cheese
110g     Fresh cream
40g       Sugar
1pc       Lemon juice and zest


50g       Raspberry puree
25g       Sugar
120g     Frozen berries
1g        Pectin NH


50g       Dark chocolate ganache
180g     Fresh cream
30g       Trimoline


To Prepare Chocolate Flourless Sponge

Whisk egg yolk, U.S. egg yolk powder, sugar and water until ribbon stage.  Melt chocolate couverture and butter over bain-marie. Whisk egg white, U.S. egg white powder, water and sugar together till firm meringue is formed. Fold in egg yolk mixture and meringue till well mixed, then fold in chocolate mixture till combined. Transfer onto a roulade tray (with silicone paper) and level the surface. Bake at 180°C for 40 mins, and let cool before placing in freezer.

To Prepare Lemon Cream Cheese Filling

Paddle cream cheese until smooth.  Add fresh cream, lemon zest and juice and mix well.  Transfer to a piping bag for later use.

To Prepare Berry Compote

Melt raspberry puree and 10g sugar in a pot.  Combine pectin and remaining sugar, whisk into melted puree and bring to a quick boil.  Add in frozen berries and still till simmer. Cool down and stand by for later use.

To Prepare Dark Chocolate Ganache

Heat cream to simmer with trimoline. Pour cream over chocolate and stir till smooth.


Cut sponge into desired size and shape.  Pipe cream cheese filling on sponge and drizzle with berry compote.  Layer another sponge on top and press down lightly to hold.  Finish off with another layer of cream cheese filling.



To Prepare Sable Dough Base

Combine icing sugar, cake flour, salt and butter, and mix well. In a separate bowl, mix U.S. whole egg powder with water, and add to the mixture. Roll the dough between 2 pieces of parchment paper of +/- 0.3 cm thickness. Freeze the dough, then cut with a cutter. Bake in the oven for 15 – 20 mins at 170°C.

To Prepare Yuzu Curd

Mix U.S. whole egg powder, water and sugar. Boil yuzu puree in a pot and add into the egg mixture. Add the ingredients back into the hot pot and cook until the mixture thickens, reaching a temperature of 82°C. Pour the mixture into white chocolate. Add gelatin leaves and butter, and blend with a hand blender to emulsify. Deposit curd into desired molds and freeze.

To Prepare Yuzu Glaze

Mix absolute crystal, water, yuzu puree and yellow coloring and boil the concoction. Glaze the yuzu curd when warm.

To Prepare White Chocolate Whipped Ganache

Boil whipping cream, glucose and trimoline. Add cocoa butter, white chocolate, and gelatin. Hand blend the cream mixture, and add cold cream to emulsify. Chill and rest the mixture overnight. Whip up and pipe as desired.