Frosty Carrot Gateaux

Recipe & photo courtesy of Chef Cindy Khoo

Ingredients :


69g       U.S. Whole Egg Powder
230g     Water
505g     Sugar
10g       Vanilla essence
427g     Cake flour
12g       Baking soda
5g        Cinnamon Powder
7g        Salt
600g     Grated carrot
180g     Chopped walnut
295g     Corn Oil


250g     Cream cheese
87g       Icing sugar
50g       Whipped cream


250g     Carrot Juice
15g       Sugar
3g        Agar
1g        Citrus Acid


To Prepare Carrot Cake

Mix whole egg powder with water to dissolve. Using a balloon whisk, whip up egg mix and add in the sugar, flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt, in a mixer. Change the whisk to paddle and add in grated carrot and walnut. Mix well, and slowly add in the corn oil. Bake at 170°C for about 20mins Combi Rotating oven – depending on different types of oven for carrot sponge to be well cooked.

To Prepare Cream Cheese Frosting

Paddle cream cheese until smooth and add in icing sugar. Add whipped fresh cream and fold in together.

To Prepare Carrot Gel

 Mix water and egg yolk powder to dissolve. Add sugar to yolk mix and whisk a little. In a pot, add cream and milk and put to boil. Pour into yolk mix and transfer back to cook using a whisk and cook till temperature 72°C. Pour over the mix to the chocolate and let sit for 1 min and hand blend until smooth. Sit into chiller overnight.