Sand Breton Chocolate Tarte

Recipe & photo courtesy of Chef Cindy Khoo

Ingredients :


55g       Soft butter
1.5g      Sea salt
40g       Sugar
12g       Water
10g       U.S. Egg Yolk Powder
60g       Flour
5g        Cocoa powder
5g        Yeast
13g       Manjari 64% chocolate (melted)


187g     Cream
187g     Milk
42g       Water
35g       U.S. Egg Yolk Powder
87g       Sugar
237g     70% Guanaja Chocolate


To Prepare Sand Breton Biscuit

Mix water and egg yolk powder to dissolve. In a mixer with paddle, add butter, sea salt and sugar. Mix well making sure there are no butter lumps. Add in egg yolk mix and mix well with butter. Slowly add in flour, cocoa powder and yeast. Scrape when you need to ensure all sides and covered. Lastly, add in melted chocolate and mix well.  Roll Dough to 2mm, and sit in the chiller for 20-30mins. Cut out dough in 7cm cutter size and put into dome silicon mould. Bake at 165°C for 10-15mins.

To Prepare Chocolate Creamuex

Mix water and Yolk powder to dissolve. Add Sugar to Yolk Mix and Whisk a little. In a pot, put in cream and milk to boil. Pour into yolk mix and transfer back to cook using a whisk and cook till temperature 72C. Pour over to chocolate and let sit for 1 min and hand blend until smooth. Sit into chiller overnight.