Soya U.S. Chicken Breast on Pan Fried Yam Cake with Grilled Vegetables

Recipe & photo courtesy of Chef Eric Teo

Serves 8


2 chicken breast parts
Some cornstarch, mix with some water
1 cooked yam cake roll
6 fresh shiitake mushroom, sliced
1 eggplant, slice thinly lengthwise
1 medium-sized red bell pepper, cut into wedges
12 stalks spring onion, cut into 8cm long from the white part
2 tbsp canola oil
1 pinch natural sea salt


1 litre water
60ml premium dark soya sauce
40ml premium light soya sauce
2 star anise
1 cinnamon stick
100g rock sugar
50ml Shaoxing wine
1 tbsp sesame oil


  1. Bring Soya Braising Sauce to a boil in stock pot. Add chicken breast parts and simmer for about 20 mins till cooked. Remove and slice.
  2. Strain the sauce and bring to a boil. Thicken with cornstarch.
  3. Slice cooked yam cake roll into 2cm-thick pieces. Fry on a non-stick pan over high heat till crispy and brown.
  4. Place vegetables separately on hot griddle or frying pan with some canola oil over medium high heat. Season with natural sea salt.

Nutrient Analysis Per Serving: Energy 228kcal, Total Fat 10.5g, Sat Fat 2g, Cholesterol 29mg, Carbohydrate 21g, Protein 12g, Fibre 2g, Sodium 885mg