photo: U.S. Roast Turkey

The traditional roasted turkey is an iconic festive season dish for Christmas and Thanksgiving mainly celebrated in the West. However, the world is gradually becoming a huge melting pot due to globalization. More people are working in foreign countries, bringing their culture and cuisine with them. As a result, the celebration of Thanksgiving spreads to Asia and the turkey’s popularity is on the rise.

Did you know that unconventional turkey dishes such as turkey bon bons, turducken and turkey ice cream exist too? As weird as they sound, they might just be a treat for your palate with their aromatic flavor and unique texture.

In this article, we will share about these dishes and how they can be incorporated into your next festive holiday dinner menu.

Turkey bon bons were introduced by Heathrow Airport and handed out to travelers flying during the Christmas period to ensure that no one missed out on their holiday feast. They wanted to evoke the taste and sentiment of Christmas, even at 35,000 feet.

There were three different flavored bon bons – turkey, sage and onion fillings and Christmas pudding. The turkey, sage and onion fillings bon bons tasted surprisingly like a real Christmas meal, while the Christmas pudding one had hints of brandy butter, raisins and festive spices.

Turkey bon bons are just the start of an amazing meal. Next, the turducken is an ideal dish for your main course. A turducken, as its name suggests, is a partially deboned turkey that is stuffed with a deboned duck, which is in turn stuffed with a deboned chicken. Although one serving contains a whopping 510 calories per serving, it is an interesting twist to the traditional holiday turkey. It is also a wonderful poultry dish that is bound to satisfy meat lovers. Spathe Public House, a restaurant in Singapore, recently offered the turducken on its Christmas menu.

After a full meal, end the evening with some dessert. A Portland ice cream company, Salt & Straw, introduced a collection of seasonal ice cream flavors catered for Thanksgiving.

Out of the six Thanksgiving flavors offered, the Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey is the most popular, having made its comeback for a second time. The ice cream is described to have “all the flavors of a roasted turkey, its juices and the caramelized onions and comes complete with fried turkey skin brittle.”

For this year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, consider incorporating the above dishes into your dinner menu; they will easily complete your main dish and dessert!