photo: Assorted sushi platter

Omakase is short for omakase shimasu. It is Japanese for “to entrust you”1. It is a form of dining menu offered to patrons at a traditional Japanese restaurant 2.

Dining omakase is a great indication of respect to the chef2. By opting for this choice of dining, it showcases the high amount of trust a diner places in the chef’s recommendations. This enables the chef to display his expertise in curating the meal and customizing it specifically for the diner, using seasonal
ingredients1. The dining experience is exciting as diners will not know what to expect beforehand3. An omakase dining setting is cozy and intimate where diners get to observe how the chef prepares their meals in front of them.

In Singapore, omakase dining can stretch a diner’s wallet at fancy Japanese restaurants3. For instance, Cho Omakase is an omakase-only restaurant that offers this dining option for lunch and dinner3. The standard menu features appetizers, sushi, and sashimi. Diners can opt for high-quality choices such as Wagyu meat. A luxurious omakase dinner might cost up to SG$150 (US$113)3.

However, there are some Japanese restaurants that serveomakase without needing to break the bank3. For example, Ryo Sushi offers a ten-course omakase meal starting from S$18 (US$14)3. This includes having edamame as an appetizer, seven kinds of assorted sushi, a hand-roll sushi, and a bowl of soup to complete the meal. At Sushi Murasaki, a lunch omakase set includes a starter, ten pieces of assorted sushimiso soup, and dessert. Costing at SG$48 (US$36), diners can expect being served with high-quality ingredients4.

Dining omakase is a distinctive alternative to the standard dining experience where the diner places order from the a la carte menu. As diners do not know what will be served, it is perfect for those who are adventurous in looking to experience new dining options. For beginners, some expert tips include being receptive to the chef’s tips1. When in doubt, ask the chef. The chef will guide diners through the process to enhance the dining experience. Diners are encouraged to share their dietary restrictions or preferences upon ordering so the chef can tailor his offerings accordingly.

Assorted sashimi platter

Assorted sashimi platter


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