photo: Pizzas dispensed from a vending machine

In Singapore, vending machines dispense much more than just soft drinks and candies. From freshly packed salads to hot meals, the vending machines are bigger, and geared to feed the hungry efficiently.

Meeting the demand for convenient fast meals in Singapore is becoming a popular service offering. Hotbake 24/7, a vending machine company in Singapore, dispenses sandwiches that are warmed up upon order. With over 50 flavors, it is the only vending entity in Singapore that dispenses Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) certified toasted sandwiches3. Another popular vending machine that is located within student campuses is the Chef Mario pizza vending machine2. This machine dispenses ten-inch pizzas with high quality ingredients from Italy2.

For those who prefer to eat healthier options, Shake Salad is known for dispensing freshly packed greens through vending machines with touch-screen displays as well as cashless payment2 options. The machine restocks their product offerings everyday with four different salad bases and a variety of toppings and accompanying sauces.

In order to enhance the overall customer experience, students from the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) are conducting research in market food recipes and upgrades for existing food vending machines1. According to the Senior Minister of Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), this collaboration between ITE and commercial companies aim to explore the potential of the ready-meals market. With information on the latest technologies and logistics in the world of vending, companies can improve their product offerings to customers. For instance, Japan has vending machines that serve ramen and curry rice.


Sandwich served from a vending machine 


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