Eggs were once perceived as unhealthy due to the high levels of cholesterol found in yolks. However, this myth has been debunked by scientists worldwide1.

According to Healthline, recent studies reveal that eggs increase the amount of healthy cholesterol. They also do not have a negative impact to cholesterol levels in the bloodstream1. Eggs have been found to have high amounts of two antioxidants namely lutein and zeaxanthin. These nutrients lower the risk of eye disorders such as cataracts1. Eggs are also full of high-quality proteins, minerals, and vitamins. For instance, a large egg contains 77 calories, with five grams of healthy fats, and six grams of protein with all of the nine essential amino acids that are beneficial for consumption1.

Here are some ways to prepare eggs for a delicious meal.

Scrambled egg

According to Gordon Ramsay, an award-winning chef, the perfect scrambled egg is prepared by dropping beaten eggs into a pan on medium high heat with a slab of butter2. Consistently stirring with a spatula is necessary to ensure the egg does not stick to the pan. Finish it off with a dash of milk.

Onsen egg

Onsen refers to hot spring in Japanese3. These eggs are poached within the shells. The egg whites are silky while the yolk is firm and creamy. This can be prepared by placing cold eggs in a boiling pot of water. Remove the eggs from the boiling water after 12 minutes of cooking. Place the eggs into cold water to stop the cooking process. Onsen eggs are best served with rice dishes.



Eggs benedict

Eggs benedict is one of the commonly ordered dishes at cafes that serve all-day breakfast options4. This dish is prepared by boiling water with a dash of vinegar. Swirl the water and place the eggs in the pot. Cook for approximately three minutes before removing. Spread hollandaise sauce over toasted muffins and ham. Place the cooked egg at the top and spoon over the remaining hollandaisesauce to complete the dish.


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