photo: Chicken pad Thai

Songkran is Thailand’s most famous festival1 and the equivalent of New Year’s Day. This three-day festival is a joyous occasion among the Thais and falls annually on April 13.

During this festive period, most business chains are closed while mega-supermalls continue to operate under normal business hours1. Locals will return home to spend time with loved ones, participate in rituals at temples, and carry out annual house cleaning1. Tourist arrivals to Thailand are at its highest during this period1.

In Silom, the street will be packed with locals and tourists spraying water at each other1. Water is a symbolic element in Songkran as it cleanses misfortunes from the previous year and welcomes the New Year with a fresh start1.

A traditional dish consumed in Songkran is larb gai. It is served with sticky rice, slices of cucumber, green beans, and crispy chicken wings2. It is believed that the ingredients are symbolic of fortune2. This dish is also one of the staple dishes in Thailand2.

Apart from traditional dishes consumed during the widely-celebrated festival, other Thai dishes are also popular among locals and tourists alike. Some of these dishes include chicken padThai, Thai green curry with chicken, roasted duck curry, and stir-fried chicken with basil3. These dishes are some of Thailand’s most noteworthy meals that are consumed worldwide. For instance, Nara Restaurant is voted as one of Thailand’s best restaurants since 20064. The restaurant served authentic Thai cuisine to its diners. Some of its signature dishes include Ayuthaya boat noodles and stir-friend soft shell crab.


Thai green curry with chicken


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