World Egg Day is celebrated across the globe every October. The annual event will be held on October 14 this year. Initiated by the International Egg Commission in 1996 in Vienna, World Egg Day aims to raise awareness about the important nutrition value of eggs and the role it plays in our daily diet. The special day also recognizes the contribution of farmers, who ensure the safe supply of eggs, from farm to the table.

No other animal-source protein beats the value and versatility of eggs. (Photo: Trang Doan)

Eggs for a better life

The theme for this year’s World Egg Day is ‘Eggs for a better life.’ It celebrates the incredible egg’s power to support not only human health but planetary health and people’s livelihoods.

Did you know that eggs contain different essential nutrients – all in in one tasty, affordable package?

One large egg provides 13 essential vitamins and minerals and 6 g of protein, making this perfect package a healthy and affordable addition to the diet of people of all ages. Many of the nutrients found in eggs are commonly under-consumed yet are required as part of a healthy diet to help you perform at your best and avoid health issues. Key nutrients include choline, supporting brain development and function; vitamin A for eye health, healthy skin and immune function; and vitamin D, which plays an essential role in bone health. Eggs are also packed with high-quality protein, essential for the strength and repair of muscle and tissue.

Along with their nutritional value, eggs are the most environmentally sustainable and affordable animal-source protein available, helping support families around the world and our planet. More information is available on: https://bit.ly/3QroIaq

Eggs represent a great source of nutrition at any age. (Photo: Ketut Subiyanto)

Happy World Egg Day!!