Thirty students benefitted from a great masterclass session held August 25 that proved to be accessible and fun. The students are currently pursuing a Diploma in Food Services (Pastry and Baking) at the SHATEC Institutes. Chef Lester Lee who facilitated the class expounded the many advantages of using U.S. powdered eggs in pastries and desserts. Easy to use, no mess and longer shelf life! He created an Asian-inspired dessert, Pandan Paradise – paying tribute to “Pandan” otherwise known as the vanilla of Southeast Asia. The dessert comprised several components such as joconde meringue, salted pandan pastry cream sable, coconut cremeux, croustlliant gula melaka honey, and coconut crumble which came together nicely on the plate, exuding different flavors, tastes, and textures.

Pandan Paradise (Asian Inspired Dessert), prepared by Chef Lester.

Following the theory and practical sessions, eight students participated in the finals of the Entremet Culinary Challenge held September 15. The entremets called for the use of three different textural elements and utilization of U.S. processed eggs, namely egg white powder, egg yolk powder and whole egg powder. Competitors were judged on texture and overall taste, creativity, presentation, and how well their final product represented the theme of choice, as well as hygiene and sustainable practices. The jury panel comprised industry Chef Lester Lee, Voca Hotel’s Chef Eunice Loh, Chef Cindy Low from SHATEC and Irene Gomez, representing USAPEEC. The young competitors proved to be a force to be reckoned with, as they weaved through the delicate intricacies to present original, complex creations. Verdict: very impressive! USAPEEC and SHATEC organized both the masterclass and competition, funded by the United Soybean Board.

The entremet challenge brought out an interesting array of desserts from the young competitors.

Judges Lester Lee, Eunice Loh and Cindy Low take a first look at the entremet presentations.

Winners and judges at the prize giving ceremony.

Third runner up Irene Tan prepares her entremet for the judges table.

Bryan Wong putting the finishing touches to his winning dessert.