The Danang Professional Chef Challenge with U.S. Chicken, held on December 19, 2023, at the prestigious Furama Resort Da Nang, was a resounding success. The event was conceptualized to enhance and leverage awareness of U.S. poultry products through a culinary lens.

Professional chefs participating in the cooking contest

During the event, a training session on Cold Chain was conducted by Chef Norbert Ehrbar whom shared best practices to ensure quality and safe handling of U.S. poultry products.


Photo: A group photo taken at the Danang Professional Chef Challenge with U.S. Chicken

The cooking contest brought together 40 of the region’s most talented professional chefs from Danang City and Central Areas of Vietnam to showcase their skills and creativity using U.S. Chicken as the main ingredient.


Photo: First Prize Award-Winning Dish by Team from Khách Sạn Bay Capital Danang Hotel.

The Danang Professional Chef Challenge with U.S. Chicken was a significant step in promoting U.S. poultry products in the region. Through this event, we not only celebrated the culinary talents of local chefs but also enhanced the visibility and reputation of U.S. Chicken in the global market. The success of this event sets a high standard for future culinary competitions and paves the way for more innovative and engaging food industry events.