On January 29, 2024, the USA Poultry and Egg Export Council organized a seminar focusing on the importance of maintaining proper cold chain and implementing effective fry preparation techniques for volume chain, with a specific focus on the need of Frankie’s NY Buffalo Wings. The event took place at the Brittany Hotel in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines.

The seminar aimed to educate foodservice operators about the significance of maintaining the cold chain and preparing fried chicken properly.

Photo: Mr. Rommel Gerodias delivering a presentation on the importance of maintaining proper cold chain and upholding food safety standards

Mr. Rommel Gerodias, a Certified ServSafe instructor, delivered an engaging presentation on the importance of maintaining the cold chain and upholding food safety standards. He emphasized the significance of controlling temperatures throughout the food supply chain, from storage and transportation to the stores. Mr. Gerodias also discussed the potential risk associated with temperature abuse, cross-contamination, and the impact on food quality and safety. He underscored the importance of implementing best practices to ensure the integrity of the cold chain and ultimately safeguarding the well-being of consumers and the reputation of the foodservice establishment.


Photo: Chef Alvin Ong’s Live Demonstration

Chef Alvin Ong, a professional chef and culinary instructor, conducted a live demonstration on proper fry preparation techniques. Through the demonstration, he highlighted the critical role of high-quality oil, precise temperature control, and appropriate methods in achieving the desired attributes and ensuring overall quality and safety of fried chicken. Chef Ong provided practical insights into the art of fry preparation, emphasizing the impact of these techniques on the flavor, texture, and consumer satisfaction.

A total of 26 individuals, including members from Research and Development, Purchasing, and kitchen staff, attended the seminar. Feedback from participants was positive, with many expressing their appreciation for the information presented during the event. Attendees valued the opportunity to learn from industry experts and gain deeper understanding of the critical factors influencing food quality and safety.

Overall, the Cold Chain and Proper Fry Preparation seminar was a success, equipping participants with valuable knowledge and resources to enhance their operations and uphold the highest standards of food quality and safety.