USA Poultry and Egg Export Council in collaboration with Happy World Roast, a local renowned dining destination for its exquisite roasted meats, curated an exclusive U.S. Poultry Platter Box which includes; Bao (10pcs), Signature Char Siew (250g), Crispy Roast Pork (250g), U.S. Duck (250g) and Carrot & Cucumber Pickles to add a refreshing twist to your meal. The promotion of the U.S. Poultry Platter Box is held from December 25, 2023 to February 09, 2024, sold in store and available for online ordering on TikTok Shop.

Photo: Promotional Poster for U.S. Poultry Platter Box


In partnership with the popular TikTok live streamer duo, Aaron and Jessica, captivated audience in a live streaming session on TikTok with the exclusive U.S. Poultry Platter Box. This campaign also motivated audience interest through an interactive giveaway campaign.

Photo: Exclusive U.S. Poultry Platter Box specially curated by Happy World Roast sold on TikTok Shop

Live streaming with TikTok live streamer duo, Aaron and Jessica

The live streaming session primarily drew the attention of the younger demographic on TikTok, leveraging a contemporary method to market products and establish brand recognition. The platform, known for its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and potency, proves to be a dynamic tool for real-time engagement, extended outreach, and interactive communication. This promotion was a testament to the growing influence of social media in effectively engaging and resonating with a diverse audience.