U.S. Tailored Seminar and Cooking Contest classroom

On Jan. 19, 2024, USAPEEC organized a U.S. poultry-focused seminar and a cooking contest at HNAAu’s Can Tho Branch, which was attended by a total of 41 culinary students. The students first learned about the advantages and applications of U.S. poultry before pitting their culinary skills against each other in a contest centered on crafting U.S. poultry dishes.


Live cooking demonstration by Chef Le Xuan Tam

Cooking contest, 10 teams

1st place dish — Gà Mỹ cuộn, hấp lá bầu xốt special

2nd place dish — Gà Mỹ cuộn nấm ăn kèm salad thơm

3rd place dish — Lẩu gà Mỹ ớt hiểm