U.S. poultry masterclass at SHATEC

On March 12, 2024, Chef Jerome Rezel conducted a U.S. poultry masterclass at SHATEC, a prestigious hospitality and culinary school in Singapore. The preparation and cooking of three distinct dishes using U.S. poultry were demonstrated to a class of over 20 SHATEC culinary students.


Butter U.S. Chicken Curry

Bebek Goreng (Indonesian Fried U.S. Duck)

Honey and Soy U.S. Duck Salad

The masterclass commenced with an introduction to USAPEEC and U.S. poultry and eggs by Thomas Tan of USAPEEC ASEAN. Then, Chef Jerome took the stage. He paraded both U.S. chicken and duck drumsticks, which elicited shock and awe from the audience due to their gigantic sizes. While he cooked, he continued to wax lyrical about U.S. poultry on top of sharing his personal experience as his chef and insights into the F&B industry on the whole. After each dish had been cooked, students had the good fortune to gorge themselves on the delicious U.S. poultry dishes. 

USAPEEC ASEAN Consultant Thomas Tan presenting on USAPEEC and U.S. poultry and eggs

Chef Jerome Rezel preparing ingredients with SHATEC students