Survey Reveals 67% of Thai Meat Eaters Plan to Reduce Meat Consumption in the Next Two Years

According to a survey conducted by Madre Brava, a science-based advocacy group, 67% of Thai meat consumers express an intention to decrease their meat intake over the next two years. The reasons cited include concerns for health, environmental impact, and animal welfare. The study, based on interviews with 1500 Thai consumers in October 2023, indicates that 44% plan to shift to legumes and tofu, 29% prefer meat alternatives, and 28% are open to a combination of both. While Thai consumers generally view alternative proteins as healthier and more eco-friendly, there is apprehension about the potentially higher cost of highly processed options compared to regular meat.

SHOW DC Elevates Shopping Experience with Food Street

SHOW DC, Bangkok’s largest outlet shopping destination, has enhanced its retail and entertainment offerings with the introduction of Food Street, a new food concept located on the 5th Floor. Positioned at the heart of Rama 9, Food Street aims to be a standalone food destination catering to the growing residential and business community in the area. The modern, air-conditioned space offers over 200 menu items, featuring a contemporary twist on traditional Thai street dishes. From Som Tam Moo Grob (Papaya Salad with Crispy Pork) to Khao Lad Kaeng Kali Kai Grob Khai Onsen (Japanese Curry with Crispy Chicken and Onsen Egg on rice), and beloved favorites like Khao Phad Tom Yum Haeng (Dried Tom Yum Fried Rice), Moo Phad Kapi (Stir Fried Pork with Shrimp Paste), and Kuay Tiao Tom Yum (Crispy Wonton Tom Yum Soup), Food Street showcases the best of Thai cuisine. The concept also serves as an opportunity for local food entrepreneurs to operate their own in-mall food stalls, focusing on authenticity and quality while offering popular Thai dishes at affordable prices.

KFC Invests $14.2 Million in Expanding Digital Stores in Thailand

Central Restaurant Group, the entity managing KFC operations in Thailand, is set to allocate $14.2 million towards the establishment of 15-20 new KFC digital stores and the transformation of 15-20 existing branches into digital outlets in 2024. These innovative outlets will feature digital ordering and payment kiosks, with all menu items and advertising banners displayed on screens. Since their introduction in 2022, 75% of customers have demonstrated a preference for digital ordering, while 25% continue to opt for traditional methods. The company aims to achieve a total of 335 KFC branches in Thailand by the end of 2023.