From its humble beginnings as a cake of ground grains cooked on top of hot rocks, the waffle has evolved over time to become the breakfast staple we know and love today. The word “waffle,” first printed in English in 1725, is widely known to have originated from the Dutch word for “wafer.”  They first began applying rectangular instead of circular plates. You could say it was the forerunner of the modern waffle’s design.  The waffle had already changed format multiple times by then and it was later introduced to the Pilgrims by the Dutch before setting sail for America. In 1789, Thomas Jefferson returned to America from France, bringing with him a waffle iron and started a trend.

While waffles are mainly known as a breakfast item in America, they are also enjoyed as street food in Europe. The Belgian waffle is actually one of two primary types from this country. It’s typically served with syrup and butter, or whipped cream and fruit. The Liege waffle, named after the city, is made with a rich yeast dough with lots of pearl sugar that melt and caramelize on the iron while it cooks. It may not be as common in America but these waffles are popularly sold by street vendors throughout Belgium.

In the U.S., chicken and waffles are a staple in culinary traditions that include soul food and southern cuisine. Many cities, from New York to Los Angeles to Georgia, have claimed credit for the original.  But whichever way you look at it, chicken and waffles are now the ultimate dish for breakfast, brunch, and yes, even for tea!  The sweet and savory combination is typically served with fresh butter and pure maple syrup. The blend is simply droolworthy!

The classic Chicken and Waffles combo is an American staple. (Photo: Tim Toomey)

Here are some irresistible spins on the classic chicken and waffles combo that will leave you waffling for more!

  1. Crispy Chicken and Waffle Sandwiches
    Enjoy this chicken waffle sandwich recipe when you’re planning your next outdoor picnic!  With its tender texture and slight sweetness, the waffle perfectly balances the flavor of the spicy chicken. In addition to being insanely crispy on the outside, the chicken is glazed with a sweet and spicy sauce.

    Make waffles by mixing waffle mix, water, egg, and oil in a medium bowl until well combined, and cook in a waffle maker. Fry the chicken and season accordingly. All that’s left is to glaze the dish with maple syrup.

    Replacing boring slices of bread with crispy chicken and waffles is a game changer. (Photo: Taste Made UK)

  2. Chicken and Waffle Skewers
    On the go? Go hands-free! Or at least, one hand less with fried chicken tenders and mini waffles on a stick – a twist to the classic chicken and waffles recipe.

    All you need is to thread 2 waffles and 2 pieces of chicken onto each skewers. Drizzle or serve with maple syrup on the side.

    Chicken and Waffle Skewers are excellent as party appetizers or as a fun brunch buffet item. (Photo: The Starving Chef)

  3. Chicken N Waffle Bowls
    Waffle bowls filled with chicken and loads of maple syrup? That’s a winning combination for those with a sweet tooth.

    In a waffle bowl, place fried chicken with crushed waffle pieces. Top off with some syrup and serve.

    Take it up a notch by adding vanilla ice cream to your Chicken ‘N Waffle bowl. (Photo: Joy Cone)

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